HR Connection - Human Resources at Ohio State

HR Connection

Ohio State’s shared services operation, HR Connection, includes three core Services Teams – Customer Solutions, Talent Services and Total Rewards. This team is co-located and focused on providing transactional and execution based activities to customers across the organization and for the functional areas within each of the Centers of Expertise.

HR Connection provides high quality service dedicated to timely results and continuous improvement while cultivating a culture of service and respect for the Buckeye community. While payroll resides in Business and Finance, customers should contact HR Connection as their first point of contact and will be routed to Payroll Services for inquiries that need payroll expertise.

HR Connection hit an important milestone on September 9th, 2019 when the HRSD Pilot Partners – HR colleagues from the College of Arts and Sciences, Office of Student Life and Office of Business and Finance – moved to the Human Resources location at South Campus Gateway. The next significant milestone is planned for August 2020 with availability of additional services through HR Connection.

HR Connection Teams

  • Customer Solutions Team: Serves as the initial point of contact for employee inquiries and transaction processing including executing transactions on behalf of employees and responding to general employee requests.
  • Talent Services Team: Focuses on talent inquiries that have been escalated from the Customer Solutions Services Team and executes performance management reporting, background check, global services and onboarding activities.
  • Total Rewards Team: Focuses on total rewards (i.e. Benefits and Compensation) inquiries that have been escalated from the Customer Solutions Services Team and supports employees through the retirement process, assists with health and wellness related inquiries where employee self-service is not available and processes leaves of absence requests.

Access to HR and Payroll Services

There are multiple available channels for contacting HR Connection. The preferred methods are through the HR Connection Portal (ServiceNow), email, and phone. Additionally, U.S. and campus mail and walk-up service at Gateway are available. Each of these channels can be accessed via a common website, phone number, email, and address available to all of campus and the medical center.

HR Connection will operate year-round from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday (excluding observed holidays), however email and the HR ServiceNow Portal, including the knowledge base (a central location for important information shared by the organization), are available 24/7. Some colleges/units have kiosks that will also be available for services.

HR Case Management

The HR case management and knowledge base tool, ServiceNow, allows HR to provide timely management of HR service requests and insights into volume and service performance data. ServiceNow enables managing and tracking employee service requests​ and provides a knowledge base for employees, managers and HR professionals​.

HR case management will be aligned with Workday, however, ServiceNow and Workday are two distinct technologies. ServiceNow is the system of action for services, while Workday is the system of record for HR and payroll employee data and transactions. ServiceNow will provide increased visibility into the status of HR inquiries and requests and allow for the delivery of a consistent, employee centric experience. Implementation began in early summer 2019 and will conclude by integrating with Workday in January 2021.