HRSD HR Centers of Expertise (CoE) - Human Resources at Ohio State

HR Centers of Expertise (CoE)

These teams are aligned around a specific functional area and focused on developing strategic services and capabilities across the organization. The CoEs create processes, policies and procedures for the functional areas of Benefits, Compensation, Employee and Labor Relations and Talent Excellence. They create the vision across these functional areas and implement best practices for Ohio State by working closely with HR leaders, Business Partners, and HR Connection. Payroll Services is not an HR CoE and operates under Business and Finance.

  • Benefits CoE: Designs, manages and communicates employee benefit programs focused on health and welfare, income protection, financial preparedness and retirement, and time off, including leaves of absence, and aimed to provide holistic well-being and security for employees and their families. This CoE is also responsible for all federal, state and local legal and regulatory compliance associated with plans, programs and policies.
  • Compensation CoE: Identifies, designs, and provides consultation to the organization on market competitive compensation programs that attract and retain employees, drive performance and organizational results, and provide rewards and recognition for individuals and teams. Partners with technology and process design resources to deliver compensation solutions for base pay program, annual salary planning, and incentives.
  • Employee and Labor Relations (ELR) CoE: Ensures that all who are employed by Ohio State are treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. The ELR CoE is the keeper of university policy and stewards of local, state and federal workforce regulations.
  • Talent Excellence CoE: Drives the people strategy for Ohio State. From the moment candidates express interest in Ohio State positions through retirement, Talent Excellence is charged with training, engaging and retaining the highest quality of employees.