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HR Transformation

Delivering HR Excellence. Inspiring People. Leading Change.

Human Resources at The Ohio State University is currently leading a transformative redesign of the HR Service Delivery model guided by the focus and implementation of its 2018-2023 strategic plan, published in May 2018, to deliver an exceptional employee experience for faculty, staff and students.

HR of Tomorrow: Change Imperatives
The future of Human Resources at Ohio State is based on three key pillars, supported by a strong foundational culture.
Three pillars include Talent Management, HR Excellence and Total Rewards, supported by Change Management, Communication, Compliance/Management of Risk, Culture and Diversity and Inclusion

Led by the three strategic focus areas of HR Excellence, Talent Management and Total Rewards along with five core foundational themes (Change Management, Communication, Compliance/Management of Risk, Culture and Diversity & Inclusion) to guide the priorities of the HR community, the HR strategic plan serves as a roadmap to deliver transformative core processes and HR services.

There are several initiatives underway focused on delivering the strategic talent and culture framework that will influence employee inspiration, student success, patient care and global solutions, including HR Service Delivery, Career Roadmap and the Human Capital Management (HCM) focus of the Enterprise Project.

As a collective result of these efforts, Human Resources seeks to realize the following benefits for the Ohio State community:

  • A leading faculty, staff and student experience.
  • Consistent and streamlined processes.
  • Data and transaction integrity.
  • Clear pathways to HR career progression.
  • Risk reduction.

To learn more about our progress and plans through the resources and materials available on the HR Transformation web page, please check back frequently for timely informational updates.

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