Talent Acquisition - Human Resources at Ohio State

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition, located in the Office of Human Resources, offers a wide range of services to college and unit partners. These services vary in their level of support and extensiveness. We can provide leadership over an entire search or consult during one phase of the process.

Our goal is to help colleges and business units deliver the university’s talent acquisition strategy through partnership and consultation. Our services are a free resource offered through OHR to the university community.

Robust Recruitment Process Resources for each phase of the hiring process, as well as other talent-related areas like relocation and external advertisements, are available for Human Resources Professionals.

Contact Information

Kim Lambert, Manager of Recruitment, Executive Recruitment
(614) 292-5756

Sarah Conley, Talent Acquisition Consultant
(614) 292-3652

Aubrie Perry, Associate Recruiter
(614) 688-3945

Meghan Francis, Talent Acquisition Coordinator
(614) 274-7179

Jillian Fair, Talent Acquisition Coordinator
(614) 688-1046

Amanda Pflug, Talent Acquisition Coordinator
(614) 688-2398

Matt Delucas, IT Recruiter
(614) 688-2272

Stephanie Mizer, Recruitment Manager, Office of Advancement
(614) 292-7760