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The executive search team within the Office of Human Resources leads the recruiting and hiring of executive leaders at Ohio State. Through strong partnerships that span the campus community, the team creates an efficient, expedited hiring process that focuses on a personalized candidate and customer experience.

Our consultants’ expertise represents wide-ranging backgrounds along with a strong network of top talent within the university and externally. Quality candidate sourcing from the executive search team helps deliver a diverse, qualified talent pool that uniquely addresses the needs of each leadership opportunity.

Working together, the executive search team share a commitment to successfully hiring leaders that will further advance Ohio State’s culture, shared values and reputation as a top-tier public land-grant institution.

Inclusive Excellence

A talented and diverse community is central to our goal of being a model 21st-century land-grant university, with the rich diversity of our students, faculty and staff being a defining characteristic and an essential source of institutional strength.

As an internal service within the university, the executive search team is integrated with Ohio State’s mission, vision and shared values, carrying that foundation and institutional knowledge throughout the recruitment process. The executive search team works closely with university partners to implement key practices for recruiting a diverse group of candidates, reducing bias and creating a candidate experience that aligns with the university’s values.

Community and Resources

The executive search team assists candidates and their families with the resources and support needed as they make the significant professional and personal decision to join The Ohio State University. Learn more about our community and resources.

If you are relocating to one of Ohio State’s six campuses, please visit the relocation resources page or contact Dannell Piper, Relocation Specialist for more information at piper.177@osu.edu or 614-247-9776.

Recent Placements

Ryan Hunt

Ryan Hunt

After a comprehensive search, Ryan Hunt has accepted the position of university registrar.

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Shereen Agrawal

Shereen Agrawal

Ohio State appoints Shereen Agrawal as inaugural executive director of Center for Software Innovation

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Kaya Sahin

Kaya Şahin

Ohio State appoints new vice provost for global strategies and international affairs

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