Employment Verification & Service Certification

Employment Verification

Employment verification requests for individuals employed by Ohio State after January 1, 1998, are completed by The Work Number for Everyone®, an automated service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This service is available to faculty and staff of the university who need to provide employment verification information to a third party, such as when obtaining a loan.  It is also available to external verifiers and social service agencies who need to verify employment or salary.

The Ohio State University Service Certification

Prior service credit certifications are completed by The Office of Human Resources. These requests are made when an individual:

  • Needs proof of prior service to transfer sick or vacation leave,
  • Wishes to substantiate prior unreported earnings for state retirement system purposes,
  • Needs to verify employment for an employee whose information is not available via The Work Number.

Other State Agency Service Certification

The Request for Prior Service Certification from Another State of Ohio Agency/Institution is for employees who have prior service credit with a former state agency employer.

Employees should complete Section 1 of the form and then have their former employer complete Section 2. Forms can be submitted to HR Connection via email at HRConnection@osu.edu.

Ohio State policy does not permit employees to receive retroactive adjustments to leave accruals for prior service credit. Please ensure that the form is processed in a timely fashion.