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Employee and Labor Relations

The Employee and Labor Relations (ELR) team serves as a trusted partner to faculty, staff and human resource professionals regarding questions, conflicts and issues that arise in the workplace. The Employee and Labor Relations team leads these services and strategies for the Ohio State community and Wexner Medical Center.

The ELR team combines expertise in workforce policies with a collaborative approach to deliver proactive and strategic services to the university. ELR works closely with administrators, managers and human resource professionals to understand the unique needs and objectives of each college and business unit. ELR also helps problem solve, provide advice, and interpret policies, procedures, labor contracts and key federal and state regulations.

Below are some of the core services provided by Employee and Labor Relations. Click the title of the service to read more about how an Employee or Labor Relations Senior Representative can assist you or your team.

Core Services

Employee and Labor Relations Senior Representatives assist in resolving problems and conflicts in the workplace before they escalate to a disruption. Employee and Labor Relations Senior Representatives are available to provide problem-solving strategies to managers, human resource professionals, or employees involved in conflict. They can also assist in facilitating informal mediation. Conflict in the workplace can arise in a wide variety of ways. It can range from workplace misunderstandings, very mild interpersonal problems, to serious conflicts.


Human Resources also offers formal mediation services. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which a neutral third party helps disputing parties work through and resolve problems. It is not available for resolving disputes related to promotion and tenure, discrimination, sexual misconduct, serious misconduct/criminal activity, discharge or issues governed by federal or state law. For more information on mediation services, please call (614) 688-5396.

  • Mediation FAQ – Detailed information on OHR’s mediation services.

Employee and Labor Relations Senior Representatives serve as objective hearing officers in matters involving corrective action, employee grievances and resolutions of dispute, when applicable. Corrective action is the process used to identify and correct undesirable behavior of employees. The objective of corrective action is to eliminate undesirable behavior and provide employee a fair and just process. Visit HR Policies and Forms for university policies related to corrective action.


The Office of Human Resources Employee and Labor Relations is responsible for investigating all workplace complaints. Employee and Labor Relations Senior Representatives perform objective and thorough investigations of workplace complaints in many areas, including staff conflict of interest, retaliation, and workplace violence. Representatives also investigate allegations where other Human Resources or university policies have been violated. Investigations play a key role in the university’s risk management strategies and practices. Through consultations and investigations, the Employee and Labor Relations team provide guidance on key employment practices and laws to ensure a healthy work environment.

Contact your Employee and Labor Senior Representative for more information on investigations. You man also visit HR Policies and Forms for university policies related to investigation topics.


Employee and Labor Relations Senior Representatives collaborate with human resource professionals to administer and interpret various collective bargaining agreements to ensure integration and consistency across the university, facilitate problem resolution to mitigate risk and work to enhance labor and management relationships.

Visit Labor Relations for additional information, collective bargaining agreements and other resources.

Employee and Labor Relations Senior Representatives assist managers and human resource professionals in establishing performance expectations and accountability to ensure productive employees and work environments. Performance management is an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and employee, focused on helping the employee achieve his or her best workplace results. It requires thoughtful planning, ongoing communication and commitment.

View HR Policies and Forms for university policies related to performance management. Managers and human resource professionals can contact their Employee and Labor Relations Senior Representative for tools and resources to strengthen the performance management process.

Employee and Labor Relations Senior Representatives provide guidance and development on university policies and procedures, including leave programs and reductions in force.

Visit HR Policies and Forms or contact your Employee and Labor Relations Senior Representative for more information on university policies. Your representative can also provide additional resources related to university policies.

Ohio State is committed to diversity and inclusiveness of all our employees. A reasonable religious workplace accommodation is a change in the work environment, requirements or in the way tasks or responsibilities are customarily done that enables an employee to participate in their religious practice or belief without undue hardship on the conduct of our business or operation. To consider your request for a religious workplace accommodation, please complete the Religious Accommodation Request.

In accordance with Department of Labor guidance, employing units are required to have posters conspicuously posted at each organizational facility. Required posters must be displayed so they are easily visible to the intended audience. Departments in coordination with their HR Business Partners should ensure compliance in their units. Consultation with Employee and Labor Relations for guidance and support is available for any questions.

Links to posters last audited by ELR on 01/24/2023.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the “six-in-one” or other large combination poster rather than separate posters? Can I get a “six-in-one” poster from the Department of Labor?

Yes, while it is recommended to use the postings provided and update as necessary, if a unit desires to use a six-in-one poster, they will need to identify and procure the poster(s). Units must also ensure to check for any posters required that may not be included in the six-in-one as well as ensure each individual poster meets the size requirements of the Department of Labor then you may use it. More information regarding size requirements is available  https://webapps.dol.gov/dolfaq/go-dol-faq.asp?faqid=527&faqsub=General&faqtop=Posters&topicid=17

Where should I post the labor law posters?

According to poster compliance requirements, you must display the posters in an area where your employees can readily see them. These areas can include but are not limited to:

  • A break room
  • A common room people regularly gather
  • Near the time clock
  • The lunchroom or kitchen

Places that may seem like a good idea but don’t actually adhere to labor law compliance requirements include:

  • The HR Manager’s office
  • A specific office
  • In one specific department
What if I have two break rooms? Do I have to display the posters in both areas?

The best way to answer this question is by asking another question. Do all your employees have access to both rooms? If the answer is no, then it is suggested that you display the labor law posters in both break rooms. If yes, then you should be compliant with the posters in one break room.

If my employees work on separate floors of the same building, do I need to display the compliance posters on each floor?

Yes, you need to post the compliance posters on each floor because you’re required to post the labor law posters where your employees can readily see them. The keyword here is access. Your employees must have easy access to labor law posters. If employees are required to travel or go out of their way to read the posters, then the posters are not easily available to them, and as an employer, you are not following the labor law compliance requirements.

Some of my employees work in a separate building. Do I need to display the posters there?

Yes, you should display the compliance posters in both buildings so that all employees have easy access to the posters.

Training is available on various employee and labor relations topics, including management of the corrective action process, implementing corrective action, conflict resolution and Drug Free Workplace.

The below courses are offered through BuckeyeLearn:

  • Managing a Classified Civil Service Employee
  • Working in the Public Sector

Additionally, customers can request tailored trainings to meet the needs of their teams. If you would like to inquire about a training, please contact your college or unit Employee and Labor Relations Senior Representative.

Trainings can span a range of employee relations topics, including:

  • Employee Relations and Corrective Action Training
  • Labor Training and Contract Interpretation
  • Drug Free Workplace
  • Flexible Work Considerations and Decision making
  • Leadership Onboarding on Employee and Labor Relations Topics
  • Conducting Departmental Investigations
  • Managing Attendance in the Wexner Medical Center

Please connect with your Employee and Labor Relations Senior Representative if you have questions or to discuss additional training topics.