Classified Civil Service (CCS) Voluntary or Involuntary Disability Separation

Pursuant to Classified Civil Service (CCS) Rule 3335-73-01, the university may grant a leave of absence for medical and personal reasons for up to a maximum duration of six months. Requests for leave after the exhaustion of the 12 week Family and Medical Leave entitlement will be reviewed based on your return to work date, ability to perform the essential functions of the job upon return to work, operational needs of the department and additional factors as appropriate at the discretion of the employing unit.

A CCS employee who can no longer perform the essential job duties of their position or has permanent restrictions that cannot be accommodated in a same/similar position may be granted voluntary disability separation or may be placed on involuntary disability separation.

The CCS Rules for CCS Voluntary and Involuntary Disability Separation are outlined in the Classified Civil Service (CCS) Rules 3335-73-05 and 06. The university is bound by these Rules.

Administrative and Professional (A&P) employees are not eligible for the disability separation process.  For more information, refer to the Unpaid Leave Policy 6.45.

Separations and Reinstatement