Disability Benefits and Leave Services - Human Resources at Ohio State

Integrated Absence Management and Vocational Services

(Disability Benefits and Leave Services)

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The Integrated Absence Management and Vocational Services (IAMVS) team in Human Resources maintains and improves the productivity and quality of life of Ohio State employees with occupational and non-occupational injuries and illnesses through effective disability case management and risk management. As a top employer, Ohio State leads other public and private entities in offering transitional work as a benefit to employees.

Services offered by IAMVS include:

  • Family and Medical Leave administration
  • Consultation regarding disability benefits, including
    • workers’ compensation
    • short-term disability
    • long-term disability
    • OPERS/STRS disability retirement
  • Workplace accommodations, including coordination of return-to-work and remain-at-work
  • Onsite physical therapy and ergonomic assessments
  • Job search assistance for employees whose medical conditions prevent them from returning to their original occupation
  • Referrals to university resources

If you are looking for information about religious accommodations, visit the Employee and Labor Relations page for details.

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