Compensation Tools

The university promotes compensation strategies that maximize recruitment, performance and retention.

Staff Compensation

The following resources support staff hiring and retention practices outlined in Staff Compensation Policy 3.10.

Job Catalog

The following resources are available:

Position Description

A properly designed position description (PD) provides a competitive advantage when sourcing talent. A well written and accurate PD benefits the department, hiring manager, and both potential and current employees by:

  • Creating a shared understanding of position responsibilities and performance expectations
  • Saving recruiting time and money
  • Providing all necessary information so potential candidates can assess whether the position and company are a good fit
  • Lowering turnover rates by discouraging unqualified and poorly suited candidates from applying and accepting the position
  • Identifying and assessing high-quality candidates more quickly

In summary, when designing the PD, it is important to think about and include all details necessary to help candidates understand what the position involves, allowing them to assess fit. In addition to thinking through the functional or technical expertise you require of an individual, it is important to identify those attributes or behaviors that support employees in being successful. A great place to start is the university values. As such, candidates are introduced to the following when they visit the University Online Career Site:

“At Ohio State University, we promise to accomplish our mission, and be the pioneering and eminent institution that we and those we serve expect of us. As such, all members of our community will be held accountable for, and are expected to, conduct themselves on behalf of the institution according to the following fundamental values: Excellence, Collaboration, Integrity and Personal Accountability, Openness and Trust, Diversity in People and Ideas, Change and Innovation and Simplicity in our Work.”

Creating a Position Description

  • Position Description Job Aid – This job aid provides tips and details on how to create a quality position description.
  • Position Description Template – This is a blank, editable version of the above job aid that can be used to document position description details. It can be completed and shared with others and used to copy appropriate details into Workday.
  • PeopleSoft Position Description Report – This report allows HR to access position descriptions processed in PeopleSoft from 1997 to December 2020. If you do not have access to this report, you will need to submit an Enterprise Data for Analytics Access Request. On the request form, you will need to specifically request “HR – Job, Position, Compensation: Reporting.”

Student Employees

See the Compensation Student Employees page for detailed information.