Student Employee Compensation

Student employees at The Ohio State University are individuals enrolled at the university on a full-time or part-time basis, and who are hired to support a college or business unit. Student employment is considered temporary due to the nature of the work, hours worked, rate of pay and benefit eligibility. These positions are intended to supplement operational needs, and not to replace regular employees.

Visit HR Policies and Forms to review the university’s Student Employment Policy.

Be sure to use the appropriate student title:

  • Students who are enrolled at Ohio State may be assigned to job profile 7968, STUDENT1, STUDENT2 or STUDENT3
  • Students who are not enrolled at Ohio State must be assigned to job profile 8004, NSTUDENT1, NSTUDENT2 or NSTUDENT3
  • Students who are minors must be assigned to job profile 7964
  • Some areas such as the Federal Workstudy Office and Student Life have job profiles that are specific to their unique situations

Salary Guidelines and Expectations

As of January 1, 2023, hourly rates for non-tipped student employees must be at least $10.10 and for tipped student employees must be at least $5.05.  The student’s rate of pay should not be based on the number of hours worked or the funding availability. The rate of pay for a student position should be determined by reviewing the following factors:

  • Prior related work experience
  • History of work experience in the department
  • Range and complexity of duties
  • Knowledge and skill requirements
  • Courses completed toward related degree
  • Equity, including the salary relationships with other student employees in the unit

Salary increases for students should not be based solely on the length of time in the position. Increases should be based on merit, measuring performance along with internal equity.