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FLSA Changing to Exempt

If you change from being a non-exempt to an exempt employee, there are four key impacts to you:

  • Your hourly pay will be converted to a monthly pay.
  • You will be paid monthly instead of biweekly.
  • You will use no longer use a timekeeping system to track hours worked.
  • You are no longer eligible for overtime pay.

Payroll Deductions

Most of your payroll deductions will be automatically converted to a monthly schedule by the university, but only you can adjust others. Ask your human resources professional about the deadline for adjusting your deductions in future paychecks. More information about specific deductions can be found below or on this FLSA payroll checklist.

Other Deductions

Benefit deductions for medical, dental, vision, public retirement plans, Flexible Spending Accounts, life insurance and disability are taken from each monthly paycheck and will be automatically recalculated for you. No action is required on your part.

If you would like to see the monthly deduction amounts for health, life insurance and disability, use the HR Benefits Rates tool. Make your selections using the drop-down menus and choose the monthly option in the pay frequency menu.

If your shift to exempt status falls at a certain time in the pay cycle, the benefit deductions on your first monthly paycheck may be less than the standard monthly deduction. You may not see a full monthly deduction for benefits until your second monthly paycheck.

The amount you previously contributed to your 403(b) or 457(b) Supplemental Retirement Account (SRA) in each monthly pay will be the same amount you contribute in each biweekly pay unless you make a change. For example, if you currently contribute $100 with each monthly paycheck to your SRA, you will contribute $100 with each biweekly paycheck unless you change your election.

You are advised to review the amount of your contribution and take action if you wish to change the amount. Use Employee Self Service for this process. See the SRA calendar to know the deadline for making changes for each pay period.

Bucks for Charity and Campus Campaign deductions will be recalculated for you to adjust to a monthly schedule for the remainder of the giving year. The current year’s Bucks for Charity deductions end in December. The current year’s Campus Campaign deductions continue through June and roll over to the next fiscal year. Email bucksforcharityFLSA@osu.edu or gifts@osu.edu if you want to change the recalculated amounts for these donor deductions.

If you purchased a CampusParc parking pass, parking fees for employees paid monthly are deducted each month. Your deductions will continue with no action required by you.

If you use your financial institution’s personal bill-pay service for making payments, such as for credit card payments, utility bills and home mortgage payments, you are encouraged to review the timing of these payments relative to your new paycheck schedule. To make a change, contact your financial institution and the billing entity as soon as possible, as advance notice may be required.

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