Background Check Services - Human Resources at Ohio State

Background Check Services

The Fingerprint Background Check office will be closed on Thursday, August 8. Please contact the office at (614) 292-3595 for questions.

The Office of Human Resources offers two types of background checks depending on your position and role within the university.

Final candidates for specified university positions are required to successfully complete background checks, per policy 4.15, which are conducted online through our vendor, First Advantage. There may also be occasions when current employees are required to have background checks updated.

Select positions, as well as volunteers or individuals not included in the background check policy who are working with minors, must complete a fingerprint background check. Background check services are provided for official university business only. The Office of Human Resources is available for consultation regarding both the policy and unit processes.

The Ohio State Office of Human Resources does not conduct background checks for the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center. For Ohio State Wexner Medical Center background check information, contact HR Shared Services at 614-293-4995 or Security ID Processing at 614-293-4452.

Online First Advantage Background Check

First Advantage logoOnline First Advantage Background Checks are completed if you are a final candidate for a position or university employee who is required to have a background check. First Advantage, the university’s exclusive third party vendor, will email you a link to complete the background check online by submitting required information. Learn more about the information you need to provide, what the email looks like and how to complete the process.

Fingerprinting BCI/FBI Background Check

Fingerprinting BCI/FBI Background Checks may be required for some university positions or programs, including but not limited to Education, Nursing, Speech and Hearing, Psychology, Social Work, Learning Center and Work Study, as outlined by the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) and some university policies.  Volunteers or others who are working with minors are also required to complete a fingerprint background check.

Background checks required by the ORC must be conducted through a fingerprinting process and submitted to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). BCI/FBI background check services are conducted at the Ohio State Office of Human Resources, 1590 N. High Street, Suite 300, Columbus, Ohio 43201. Learn more about the process and available hours for fingerprinting.