Flexible Work - Human Resources at Ohio State

Flexible Work

Ohio State supports flexible work arrangements to achieve a reliable and productive work environment that enables staff to balance work and personal needs.

The university recognizes the growing demands on staff and the increasing challenge of finding innovative ways to provide service and meet university goals. Workplace flexibility provides a way to successfully manage people, time, space and workload.

Examples of flexible work arrangements include a compressed workweek, telecommuting or starting/ending times that change periodically. Flexible Work Policy 6.12 outlines all the types of flexible work arrangements and the process for establishing an agreement with your supervisor.

Flexible work arrangements must be considered regardless of the reason for the request. However, while all staff members are eligible to request flexible work arrangements, not all positions may lend themselves to flexible work.

To determine eligibility and feasibility of a flexible work arrangement for your position, please discuss the policy and specific process information with your supervisor.

Learn more about Flexible Work Policy 6.12.