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2020 Open Enrollment

November 1-14, 2019

What’s Changing in 2020

Below are updates to your 2020 health benefits. All changes are effective January 1, 2020.

OSU Health Plan Provider Network Changes

Effective January 1, 2020, The Ohio State University Faculty and Staff Health Plan will reorganize its health care providers into two networks: Premier Network and Standard Network. When you use a Premier Network provider, you will receive a higher level of benefit coverage than if you choose care from a Standard Network provider. Learn more

Premier Network Standard Network
  • OSUWMC, COPC, and other select providers
  • 100% Preventive and Primary Care
  • 80% Specialists and Other Services
  • No Deductible for Specialists and Urgent Care (in Prime Care Advantage)
  • Various Other Community Providers
  • 100% Preventive Care
  • 70% Primary Care (Deductible applies)
  • 70% Specialists and Other Services (Deductible applies)

Updates to the Medical Plan

The following changes to The Ohio State University Faculty and Staff Health Plan will be implemented January 1, 2020:

  • Ohio State’s medical plan administrator, CoreSource, is changing its name to Trustmark Health Benefits. All plan members whose elections are confirmed during Open Enrollment will receive new Trustmark ID cards by early January. If you cover a spouse or dependent age 19 or older, a card with their name will be included. Cards will not be issued with the name of a child under 19 years of age.
    • If you need to use your medical ID card in 2020 before you receive it in the mail, you may access an electronic copy of your card through the Trustmark mobile app. If you already have the myCoreSource mobile app on your phone, it will automatically update to the new Trustmark version. If you need to download the app, go to the appropriate app store and search for myCoreSource mobile. You can also obtain a temporary card from the Trustmark Self Service site or by contacting HR Customer Service at (614) 292-1050.
  • Specialist office visits will no longer be subject to the deductible under Prime Care Advantage for a Premier Network provider.
  • Weight management programs will no longer be subject to an annual maximum.
  • Medical coverage for dental injuries will be available for up to 12 months from the incident date and will be limited to $3,000 per injury. Currently, such services are only covered within 72 hours of injury.
  • Outpatient procedure and surgery copays under Prime Care Connect will change as shown:
    • Outpatient procedures are $75 in 2019. In 2020, they will be $100 for Premier providers and $150 for Standard providers.
    • Outpatient surgeries are $150 in 2019. In 2020, they will be $100 for Premier providers and $150 for Standard providers.

Updates to the Prescription Drug Plan

  • New for 2020, you will receive a separate prescription ID card in addition to your medical ID card. Express Scripts will issue a Welcome Kit with two prescription ID cards to Ohio State enrolled plan members by early January 2020. Your prescription ID cards can be used by any covered dependent but will only contain the covered employee’s name. Separate ID cards with dependents’ names will not be issued. Show your new prescription ID card to your pharmacist when filling a prescription for yourself or a covered dependent on or after January 1, 2020. You’ll also be able to access your prescription ID card anytime from your mobile device through the Express Scripts Mobile App.
  • Express Scripts has partnered with SaveonSP to offer a prescription copay assistance program for members taking certain specialty medications. The SaveonSP program takes advantage of available pharmaceutical manufacturer assistance dollars which helps to reduce the cost of the medication for members and the plan. By changing the plan design to increase the member’s cost share for select specialty medications, the copay assistance available from the manufacturers of those medications can be maximized, which will result in the medication becoming available to you with zero ($0) out-of-pocket cost. This program is available through each of the existing pharmacies in the exclusive specialty pharmacy network for Ohio State’s plan: Accredo, OSU Outpatient Pharmacy, and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Those taking one of the medications on the SaveonSP list will receive a letter from the OSU Health Plan in October to assist with program enrollment to be effective January 1, 2020.
  • The Patient Assurance Program offers savings to members who use insulin products to manage their diabetes. It provides a 30-day supply of certain insulin medications for no more than $25 or a 90-day supply for no more than $75 when obtained at preferred pharmacies.

Short-Term Disability

The way Short-Term Disability premiums are calculated is changing for 2020.  Use the Premium Rate Calculator to calculate your premium.

Life Insurance Plan Options Changing

Eligible Ohio State employees are automatically enrolled to receive university-paid Group Term Life Insurance (GTLI) coverage based on your annual base salary. Ohio State pays the full cost of this benefit. Changes to the GTLI plan for 2020 include an option to waive the entire university provided GTLI benefit and a change to the age reduction schedule.

You can also purchase additional life insurance coverage through Ohio State’s insurance carrier, Minnesota Life, an affiliate of Securian Financial. During 2020 Open Enrollment, you can purchase additional VGTLI employee coverage up to 1x or 2x annual salary that does not exceed $500,000 with no Evidence of Insurability (EOI) required. This enrollment option is not available every year and offers a unique opportunity for you to provide additional financial security for your beneficiaries.

New for 2020, we are also streamlining dependent life insurance options by eliminating the Dependent Group Term Life Insurance (DGTLI) plan and increasing coverage amounts available under our Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance (VGTLI) spouse and child plans.  You have a special enrollment opportunity to elect or increase VGTLI spouse coverage by $25,000 with no EOI required.  You may elect VGTLI child coverage annually.

If you are currently enrolled in DGTLI and want to continue covering your spouse and/or children, you will need to actively elect VGTLI coverage during 2020 Open Enrollment. The option to enroll or increase coverage for your spouse does not open annually. Learn more

In addition, the GTLI age-reduction schedule will be updated as follows:

Age of Employee Amount of Insurance
65 65% of your calculated benefit
70 40% of your calculated benefit
75 28% of your calculated benefit
80 20% of your calculated benefit

Savings on Pet Prescriptions with Inside Rx Pets

Ohio State, through our partnership with Express Scripts, will provide savings opportunities for employees when purchasing certain prescriptions for pets at an Inside Rx Pets network pharmacy. Inside Rx Pets is a program for selected human medications that are also prescribed for veterinary use and available through a network of participating pharmacies. On average, it provides a savings of 75% on generic medications and 15% on brand medications for pet owners purchasing these medications for their pets.

Your Plan for Health Premium Credit Increase

In 2020, the amount of available premium credit will increase to $480.  Premium credit for completing Personal Health & Well-being Assessment (PHA) and verified Biometric Health Screening will increase from $20 to $25/month for faculty/staff and from $10 to $15/month for an enrolled spouse. To receive the full credit amount for 2020, complete your 2019 PHA and verified biometric screening by December 31, 2019.

Health Care FSA Maximum Increase

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) puts more money in your pocket by reducing your taxable income. The Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) maximum will increase to $2,700 per year for 2020. Learn more

NOTE: FSA elections do not automatically renew. If you want to participate in an FSA for 2020, you must enroll for the amount of Health Care or Dependent Care FSA that you wish to contribute. You will not receive a new health care debit card unless you newly enroll in a Health Care FSA for 2020. Retain your current card.

Election Window for Benefit Elections Changing

The election window for newly eligible employees and qualifying status changes will change from 31 days to 30 days for the following benefits:

  • Medical, Dental and Vision
  • Health Care and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Life Insurance

This means newly eligible employees and those with qualifying status changes with an effective date of January 1, 2020 or after will have 30 days to elect new coverage or make changes to existing coverage.

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