Job Posting Process and Review Changes Integrated with Workday

People leaders play a crucial role in recruiting, hiring and developing talented faculty and staff, and there are several ways you can leverage the Workday platform as part of the hiring process.

Using feedback from people leaders, finance representatives and HR professionals, HR has improved and streamlined the job posting process. This reflects the continuous effort to provide support for the job posting and recruitment process in Workday.

Use this step-by-step job aid to support you in the job posting process, which reflects the following changes.

Process Enhancements

The following updates have been made for the campus job posting process to remove duplications, increase transparency for hiring officials and decrease the time it takes to post positions:

  • Simplified: A streamlined approval practice for hiring campus employees will eliminate the DocuSign Hiring Exception approval process.
  • Standardization: Standard questions have been developed in the Campus Position Hiring Request Form to complete and attach to the job requisition in Workday.
  • Central Review Process: Senior fiscal officers or cost center directors will be added as the primary fiscal approver on campus job postings and integrated into the Workday approval process. Additional central finance review may be required based on the status of the college or unit’s Financial Scorecard.
  • Role Clarification: The “assign costing allocation” step in Workday will shift from the people leader to the cost center manager, where the information normally resides.
  • Improved Status Tracking: People leaders will gain a greater visibility into the status of job requisitions in the approval process by viewing the Workday Manager Staffing Dashboard. Automated reports can also be customized by people leaders to get alerts about job requisitions.

Transition Timelines and Considerations

On Friday, April 19, the DocuSign Hiring Exception form will be discontinued, and the Campus Position Hiring Request Form will need to be attached to the Workday process. Here are some important notes about submitting job requisitions during the transition:

  • Effective Friday, April 19, all job requisitions will begin in Workday and include the Campus Position Hiring Request Form (where required).
  • If a job requisition is initiated and not approved as of April 19, (regardless of whether or not you have an approved DocuSign Hiring Exception form), colleges/units may also have to complete the new standard questions form and attach it to the requisition in Workday. It will be routed for financial review.
  • If possible, pause on submitting job requisitions until after April 19 to eliminate the chance of also having to complete the same questions and route for approval in Workday.


The following are exempt from using the Campus Position Hiring Request Form and Central Finance Review, regardless of Financial Scorecard status:

  • Students (including GAs)
  • Non-employees (including Fellows)
  • Postdoctoral Scholars
  • Union positions (including CWA)
  • Intermittent/Temporary
  • Visiting Faculty

Questions and Resources

HR consultants will continue to be the primary HR approval for the creation of requisitions. All compensation routing processes and rules will remain unchanged. Work with your college or unit HR business partner or consultant to understand any area-specific changes.

Contact your senior fiscal officer for questions related to Financial Scorecards.

For support, review the following resources:

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Job Posting Process and Review Changes Integrated with Workday

Using feedback from people leaders, finance representatives and HR professionals, HR has improved and streamlined the job posting process. This reflects the continuous effort to provide support for the job posting and recruitment process in Workday.

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