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Mental Health Resources for Ohio State Employees

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the mental health and well-being resources offered to benefits-eligible Ohio State employees and their families.

Mental Health Awareness Month is recognized during May as part of a national movement to fight stigma, provide support, educate and advocate in support of people with mental illness and their families. Across the country, many people are facing anxiety, depression and burnout at alarmingly high rates. At Ohio State, we support efforts that reduce the stigma of mental health and increase access to resources to help our employees and their family members.

Ohio State offers resources through various convenient formats. The below programs are available to help employees and their families be proactive in maintaining their mental well-being, as well as managing times of difficulty in their personal or work life.

Employee Assistance Program: The Ohio State Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has expanded its resources to support employees and their families on a wide range of challenges, responsibilities and concerns. With a new online member portal, digital tools, well-being resources and work-life services, the Ohio State EAP is available to provide assistance. Faculty and staff have access to counseling services, resource locators for child or adult care, tools to improve financial wellness, legal services, travel planning assistance, cleaning services locators, professional development, and others.

Counseling Services: If you would like to talk through a particular situation or get help with an issue you are facing, you have access to a nationwide network of counseling professionals. With the Ohio State EAP, you or your family members are provided with up to five confidential counseling sessions, per issue, per year, at no cost to you. You can schedule an appointment for in-person, video, or phone- based counseling.

myStrength: myStrength is a digital program for emotional health to help with life’s evolving challenges. From learning activities and guided meditations to skill-building courses, with myStrength, you get personalized support to build a healthier mind for a stronger you. Track your health, enjoy interactive activities, and become inspired by quotes and videos with myStrength. Offered through Your Plan for Health (YP4H), Ohio State’s employee wellness program, you’ll find help for stress, anxiety, substance use, chronic pain and more. You will get a plan designed just for you. You can utilize online tools or connect live with a clinical coach.

Whil: Whil is an evidence-based digital training program offered through YP4H that leverages neuroscience, positive psychology, and adult learning theory. Enjoy on-demand access to mini-courses with audio and video sessions, tips, articles, and exercises that will enable you to build easy-to-learn skills. Whil’s mindfulness content is centered around three tracks:

  • Move: Yoga to exercise the body and mind
  • Thrive: Stress resiliency, focus, and sleep habits
  • Lead: Emotional intelligence, teamwork, and leadership skills

Personal Health Coaching: If you have a personal health goal that includes managing your stress or overall well-being, improving your sleep health or practicing mindfulness, Ohio State Health Coaches are happy to help you set realistic goals and provide you with support and resources to motivate you along the way towards your goals.

Events and webinars: View the YP4H events calendar to find educational health and wellness webinars that focus on topics such as healthy eating, active living, stress management and many other healthtopics. You can register and join virtual yoga and tai chi classes, Monday Mindfulness sessions, guided meditation on Fridays and more.

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Updates to Rules for Classified Civil Service available for feedback

Ohio State’s Rules for Classified Civil Service (CCS) are being updated, and CCS employees have the opportunity to review the proposed changes and provide feedback until Friday, July 8, 2022. The Rules are being updated to align with current business operating structure and the implementation of Career Roadmap.

Tuition Assistance Enrollment Window Opens for Autumn Semester

Applications for tuition assistance benefits must be submitted each term, and the enrollment window for autumn semester 2022 is June 27-August 26, 2022.

Career Roadmap Implementation Dates and Employee Review Progress

Launching this fall, Ohio State’s Career Roadmap will deliver a new approach for consistently hiring, managing and developing staff. The scope of Career Roadmap includes 26,000 staff positions across the medical center, main campus and regional campuses.

Student loan forgiveness program for public service employees

Financial wellness is a critical component of overall well-being, and Ohio State offers resources for faculty and staff to help alleviate strain and stressors related to student loan debt.

New in 2022! Enhanced Well-Being Programs

New physical and emotional well-being programs can help you meet your personal goals. You can also earn even more YP4H incentives, including an additional $100 HRA credit bonus or $20 PulseCash bonus (depending on your medical plan enrollment status).


Policy Reminder: Self-Disclosure of Criminal Convictions

To promote a safe and secure environment for the Ohio State community, disclosing all criminal convictions is required and any new convictions must be reported within three business days of the conviction. Review the Self-Disclosure of Criminal Convictions policy 4.17 for more details.

Reminder: Time and Attendance Standards

Human Resources has outlined time and attendance guidance for university employees. The guidance provides expectations for documenting: time worked, meal periods, paid breaks, start times and tardiness, unplanned absences, approving time worked and accountability.

Ohio State staff recognized for outstanding contributions and achievements

Thirteen remarkable staff employees have been chosen to receive Ohio State’s highest staff recognition, the 2022 Distinguished Staff Award. Congratulations to the recipients who have been recognized for greatly contributing to the university’s mission and demonstrating Ohio State values.

Mental Health Resources for Ohio State Employees

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the mental health and well-being resources offered to benefits-eligible Ohio State employees and their families.

Remarkable faculty, staff and students recognized for significant diversity and inclusion outcomes

Congratulations to the honorees selected for the 2022 Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Award. Five exceptional recipients are being recognized for their outstanding commitment to enhancing Ohio State’s diversity and inclusion efforts.
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