2020/09/25 – Election Day public service for Ohio State employees - Human Resources at Ohio State

Election Day public service for Ohio State employees

Ohio State is proud to support public service on Election Day, November 3, 2020. In response to concerns from boards of elections about ensuring that a sufficient number of people are available to serve as poll workers, Ohio State is permitting university employees to serve as poll workers during work hours on November 3, 2020. This public service opportunity is available to staff and faculty who meet the qualifications as outlined on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website.

Part-time and full-time classified and unclassified staff and faculty can request time off from their supervisor to serve as a poll worker (also known as a precinct election official) during work hours with an Ohio county board of elections.

Supervisors are not obligated to grant an employee’s request to work as a poll worker. Each supervisor must make their own determination as to whether or not their unit/department can still work in an effective and efficient manner if the employee is approved to serve as a poll worker.

The employee will not be required to use vacation leave and will be paid a maximum of eight hours of regular pay at their regular rate. The employee must provide documentation of the time they served as a poll worker.

In addition to encouraging employees’ service as poll workers, the university encourages all employees to exercise their right to vote.


How do I request election leave to serve as a poll worker?
Employees should discuss their request to serve as a poll worker with their immediate supervisor. The request must be submitted by October 20, 2020 or earlier as dictated by department request deadlines that would include November 3, 2020.

Will I be paid for serving as a poll worker on election day?
Yes. You will receive your regular Ohio State pay at your regular rate for a maximum of eight hours. You may also be paid by the board of elections. You may accept and keep that payment.

How do I select election day leave in the timekeeping system?
Exempt employees do not need to enter election leave in the timekeeping system. Non-exempt (hourly) employees must account for their hours as regular hours worked. Non-exempt employees should note “poll worker election” on timesheet notes.

Do I need to use my personal accrued vacation?
You will not need to use vacation time to serve as a poll worker on Election Day, however, you will need to use vacation time for any required poll worker training prior to Election Day if it occurs during your regular work hours. Additionally, working for a political campaign or political party on the day of an election does not qualify for poll worker paid leave, but you may use vacation time for this work.

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