2020/07/17 – Revised HR policies to go into effect late December, early January - Human Resources at Ohio State

Revised HR policies to go into effect late December, early January

As part of the HR business transformation, multiple Human Resources policies have been revised and will go into effect on December 20, 2020, and January 3, 2021.

The policies have been revised to improve employee experience, better align business practices and support Enterprise Project activities. The effective date is coordinated with the implementation of Workday, a cloud-based application that will serve as a single system for the university’s finance, HR and payroll information.

The following policies were approved on Monday, July 13, 2020, to go into effect Sunday, January 3, 2021. Over the past year, each policy revision went through a university-wide feedback period and was shared through the policy review process. Additional HR policies being revised in connection with the Enterprise Project will be shared later this summer.

A full list of the policies being revised is available on the Office of University Compliance and Integrity’s University Policies website.

Scheduling Work and Overtime, 6.10

  • Adds differential pay to the Scheduling Work and Overtime Policy, and the Standards document was updated accordingly.
  • Requires use of compensatory time within 365 days of earning it, when an employee transfers or when an employee leaves university employment.
  • Revises the time frame for payment of compensatory time that exceeds 240 hours so that payment occurs in the pay period following reaching the maximum.
  • Clarifies the expectation that employees receive approval to work overtime prior to working overtime. Employees who fail to receive approval may be subjected to corrective action.
  • Revises overtime eligibility calculation so that only time worked and holiday hours are calculated. Sick, vacation and compensatory time off are no longer part of the calculation, and references to “active pay status” were removed.
  • View the revised Scheduling Work and Overtime Policy (effective 12/20/2020)
  • View the full summary of changes of the Scheduling Work and Overtime Policy

Holidays, 6.20

Reduction in Force Classified Staff, 9.20

Reduction in Force Unclassified Staff, 9.15

Staff Severance, 2.40

Staff Employment, 4.20 (Previously named Appointments)

  • Changed title of the policy to Staff Employment.
  • Removed all “appointment” references and replaced with “position,” with the exception of “academic appointment.”
  • Discontinued use of reduced staff appointments.
  • Clarified retirement contributions for staff with concurrent faculty job. Updated policy to reflect that staff members with paid faculty positions (when the faculty position is not part of their staff position) will send all retirement contributions to STRS for the period during which they teach.
    • Supplemental compensation was used to pay employees outside of their base compensation. Because the university has eliminated supplemental compensation, it was necessary to change the way we pay and capture the additional responsibilities of staff who teach, but not in the scope of their staff job.
  • Added language that end of employment date must be established for temporary and term positions.
  • Added section regarding staff with teaching duties.
  • Established procedure for reviewing positions for employees without pay.
  • View the revised Staff Employment Policy (effective 1/3/2021)
  • View the full summary of changes of the Staff Employment Policy

Student Employment, 10.10

  • The only student employee with academic appointments will be Graduate Teaching Associates.
  • Creates enhanced and efficient reporting and tracking on academic staff and faculty.
  • Academic appointments will end when the teaching period concludes.
  • Implements a common start date (Monday at the beginning of a bi-weekly pay period with exceptions for peak hiring.)
  • Implements a termination review for inactive employees.
  • View the revised Student Employment Policy (effective 1/3/2021)
  • View the full summary of changes of the Student Employment Policy

Employee Orientation, 5.15


If you have questions, contact the Employee and Labor Relations team at hr-elr@osu.edu.

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