2019/10/30 – Employees to benefit from clear paths to HR support - Human Resources at Ohio State

Employees to benefit from clear paths to HR support

The adoption of a new HR Service Delivery model across campus and the Wexner Medical Center is a key effort in delivering consistent, high-quality services and a cornerstone initiative of Ohio State’s HR Transformation efforts.

The new HR Service Delivery model is designed to provide both shared HR/payroll support and HR/payroll roles aligned to individual areas. For example, roles such as HR Business Partner, HR Consultant and Talent Acquisition Consultant will remain focused on moments that matter for employees (such as career pathways, leadership development, onboarding and support through life events) in their assigned colleges, units and departments. At the same time, HR/payroll roles in Centers of Expertise and the new HR Connection (the HR shared service center) will provide support across the university. This balanced model allows for consistency when possible and specialization when necessary.

Just as colleges, units and departments will benefit from the new HR Service Delivery model, individual employees will benefit from multiple avenues to reach out for HR assistance. For example, an Ohio State employee will be empowered to:

  • Request and receive approval for Family and Medical Leave through his/her employee profile in Workday.
  • Reach out to a Benefits Specialist in HR Connection to discuss Ohio State benefits.
  • Schedule time with his/her in-unit HR Consultant for clarification around college/unit updates.
  • Discuss strategic planning and workforce needs for his/her college/unit with the local HR Business Partner.

To best shape this future HR Service Delivery model, the HR and payroll community is preparing to express interest in future HR/payroll jobs, knowing the responsibilities that will accompany future roles. Eligible employees are encouraged to express interest for up to three positions based on their skillset, desired career path and HR areas of purpose/passion. This “expression of interest” process is designed to set up HR and payroll professionals for long-term career growth and success while also starting the transition to the future HR Service Delivery model for the wider university community.

Beyond current HR Service Delivery pilot partner colleges and units, the new model will begin rolling out to colleges and units across campus and the Wexner Medical Center in early 2020.

Please contact HR-Transformation@osu.edu with additional questions.

Employees will have four ways to fulfill HR needs: Workday, HR Consultant, HR Connection and HR Business Partner

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Multiple revised HR policies to go into effect in December and January

Twelve Human Resources policies have been revised and approved to go into effect late December 2020 and early January 2021. A full list of revised policies and their changes is available on Compliance’s policies website.

Benefits actions during Employee Self Service downtime

The shutdown of Peoplesoft in advance of the Workday launch will affect access to certain benefits actions in Employee Self Service (ESS). While these dates are being communicated in other channels, here is a brief list.

Temporary job application and hiring process changes December-January

When Workday launches in January, it will include a new online job application site and applicant tracking system for campus and the medical center. In order to enable a successful implementation, there are some upcoming changes to the recruitment and job application process.

UPDATE: Changes to tuition assistance benefits

In follow-up to recent communications about changes to tuition assistance benefits, the timeline for changes has been updated. As a result, no changes will be implemented for spring semester 2021. Please review the updates and revised timeline.

Enhancements to university retirement plans

Enhancements to university-sponsored retirement plans will take effect in January 2021. These enhancements apply to the Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP), supplemental plans and executive plan.


Enrollment deadline for Spring Dependent Tuition Assistance

Applications for dependent tuition assistance (DTA) must be submitted each term. The enrollment window for spring semester 2021 closes January 15. Eligible faculty and staff can go to Workday to apply online or with paper applications. The student must have a Social Security number on file with Buckeye Link to receive dependent tuition assistance.

Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Awards nominations open

The Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Award recognizes individuals and groups for their commitment to enhancing diversity at Ohio State. Faculty, staff, students, student organizations and alumni can nominate their colleagues and peers who have made diversity part of university best practices. The nomination deadline is Friday, Feb. 12, at 5 p.m.

Distinguished Staff Award nominations open

The Distinguished Staff Award, the university's highest honor for staff, recognizes staff members who have made an impact at The Ohio State University. The annual award honors 12 outstanding staff members for their exceptional leadership, accomplishments, dedication and service to the university. The nomination deadline is February 12 at 5 p.m.

Ten revised HR policies in effect January 3, 2021

These Human Resources policies have been revised: Reduction in Force Classified Staff, Reduction in Force Unclassified Staff, Staff Severance, Staff Employment, Student Employment, Background Check, Military Leave/Reemployment Rights, Paid Time Off, Staff Recruitment and Selection, and Unpaid Leave.

Updated election process for Supplemental Retirement Accounts

Upcoming system upgrades and policy revisions will impact the timing of new and revised elections to Supplemental Retirement Accounts (SRA) as of January 4, 2021.
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