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Manager Guide to Onboarding New Employees

for managers of staff employees

Manager Templates

New Hire Announcement Template

College/Unit/Department announcement template to notify internal staff of the new employee:

Dear Colleagues,I am pleased to announce that [new employee’s first and last name] will be joining the [college/unit] as part of the [specific area] team as [title of new employee] on [start date].

In [his/her/their] new role, [employee’s first name] will be responsible for [summary of job duties].  [Employee’s first name] will report to [Direct Supervisor’s name].

[New employee’s first name] joins Ohio State from [prior organization and/or educational background approved by individual to include].

[First name] brings experience and a record of success in the [professional field], and I believe that [he/she/they] will be a valuable addition to our team and to the [name of department or center].

Please join me in extending a warm Buckeye welcome to [new employee’s first name] on [first day].  [New employee’s first name] will be located on [floor location] near [name of colleague or office landmark].

[Hiring Leader Name]

Welcome Letter/Email Template

You can send this to the new employee through email and or through the Workday Onboarding Setup.

Dear [First name],Welcome to The Ohio State University [insert dept/unit name]. I am delighted that you will be joining our team!

As [insert role/title], you play a vital role in fulfilling our strategic goals. Your strong background in [highlight past experience and strengths that lead to selection] will be valuable to us as we work toward [highlight specific area goals].

We want to support you as you build the knowledge required for success by helping you learn the processes, people, vision and culture of the [name of department or center].  To that end, we are currently putting together a personalized on-boarding plan for you that I will review with you during our first meeting.

Please plan to arrive on [Start Date] at [Start Time], and report to [whom] in [Location/Room#]. For parking I would recommend the [Garage Location] and for your first day, we will provide you with a pass to exit the garage for free [Provide specific parking directions for your area.]

We look forward to your arrival!


Hiring Manager