First Month - Human Resources at Ohio State

Manager Guide to Onboarding New Employees

for managers of staff employees

First Month

Objective: Employee is aware of their performance relative to the position and expectations; continues to develop, learn about the university and unit, and build relationships.

Helpful Information by Topic

  • Continue to review benefits resources with the employee and ensure they are meeting the benefits deadlines.
  • Meet with the new employee at the end of the first 30 days to:
    • Review observations, issues and priorities
    • Continue to clarify role, responsibilities and expectations as needed.
    • Confirm mandatory training has been completed.
    • Establish a plan for professional development and encourage training opportunities through Gateway to Learning and BuckeyeLearn.
    • Answer questions and concerns
  • Schedule and conduct recurring one-on-one meetings.
  • Continue to provide timely, ongoing, meaningful “everyday” feedback.
  • Elicit feedback from the employee and be available to answer questions.
  • Explain any aspects of the performance management process and compensation system that you haven’t already covered.
  • Plan and give the employee’s first assignment. Provide them with a task or small project that will provide them the opportunity to work with others and build relationships, gain a better understanding of the university, add value to the team or unit, build confidence and celebrate success.
  • Debrief with employee after they attend initial meetings, attend training, and begin work on initial assignment.
  • Continue introducing employee to key people and bring them to relevant events.
  • Meet with employee and onboarding partner to review experience during first few weeks and answer questions.
  • Arrange for employee to attend other college/unit function area/department meetings.
  • Ensure employee attended New Employee Orientation session.
  • Ensure employee is signed up for all required/necessary training.
  • Ask employee to share their thoughts on what they’ve experienced and learned to date and what would be helpful for them in the future.
Gateway to Learning

Have the employee engage in workshops or browse resources including articles, videos, books and online tools.


Encourage continued learning.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Diversity Basics
  • Conversations of Performance Management (online curriculum for the four conversations of performance – Plan, Develop, Feedback, Review)
  • Unit/department specific courses
  • If the employee is in a human resources role and needs additional access in Workday, direct them to the resources or training they will need.
  • View the Department of Public Safety’s Active Aggressor video

New employees should continue to familiarize themselves with university policies.