First 6 Months - Human Resources at Ohio State

Manager Guide to Onboarding New Employees

for managers of staff employees

First 6 Months

Objective: Employee has gained momentum in completing work, taking the lead on some initiatives, and building relationships with peers. Employee feels confident and is engaged in new role while continuing to learn.

Helpful Information by Topic

Wellness and wellbeing are an ongoing conversation. If it’s been a stressful time, you may want to ask how they are doing or share what you find helpful. Consider asking if they had a chance to join any wellness webinars or activities or mention one that you enjoyed.

  • Visit Gateway to Learning to review performance management tools and resources.
  • Engage in mid-year or six-month check-in with employee.
  • Review progress on performance and professional development goals.
  • Create an opportunity for employee to attend or be involved in an activity outside of their work area.
  • Arrange for employee to meet with appropriate department area leaders either one-on-one or in a small group setting with other new employees.
  • Meet with employee and onboarding partner at the end of their structured relationship. Discuss how things went and what else would be helpful for the employee.
  • Celebrate successes and recognition of employee’s contributions.
  • Encourage employee to engage in Ohio State community service initiatives (e.g., Campus Campaign, Pelotonia, etc.) and seek out volunteer opportunities.
  • Provide employee ample opportunity to apply their learning.
  • Provide regular feedback to employee.
  • Create opportunities for employee to connect and learn through and with others.
Gateway to Learning

On Gateway to Learning, encourage the employee to review:

  • Foster Positive Relationships
  • Build Resiliency resources

Encourage employees to consider enrolling in the following learning opportunities:

  • Boost your value (online course)
  • The Art of Influence (online course)
  • Paper and Bytes (instructor-led course)
  • Unit/Department specific courses