First 3 Months - Human Resources at Ohio State

Manager Guide to Onboarding New Employees

for managers of staff employees

First 3 Months

Objective: Employee is becoming fully aware of their role and responsibilities and begins to work independently and produce meaningful work. They continue to feel acclimated to the environment, functionally and socially.

Helpful Information by Topic

Continue to remind new employee of the important benefit deadlines and wellness opportunities.

  • Continue recurring one-on-one meetings.
  • Meet for informal three-month performance check-in.
  • Continue assigning employee work that is challenging yet doable.
  • Finalize written performance goals and professional development goals.
  • Discuss appropriate flexible work options, if applicable.
  • Have employee “shadow” at meetings to get exposure to others and learn more about the department and organization.
  • Check with the employee and their onboarding partner to ensure the relationship is progressing.
  • Have lunch or coffee in person or virtually and talk informally about how things are going.
  • Identify opportunities for new employee to interact with team members regularly (lunch, coffee, projects, feedback, etc.).
  • Ask the employee for feedback on the learning modules they have completed and share as appropriate.
  • Ask if required training is completed.
  • Ask about their areas of interest and encourage them to explore what campus has to offer. Follow up with information and/or connect to others with similar interests.
  • Encourage them to reflect on the formal and informal learning they’ve experienced and feedback they’ve received. Use the questions suggested in the “Conversation Guide.”
Gateway to Learning

Encourage the employee to continue visiting Gateway to Learning and explore the following resources:

  • Mentoring resources
  • Identifying and Addressing Implicit Bias Resources

Encourage the employee to participate in the following learning opportunities:

  • Critical Thinking Skills (online course)
  • A Glimpse into Emotional Intelligence (4 short videos)
  • Workplace Violence Awareness (online course)
  • Workplace Violence for Supervisors (online course)
  • Unit/department specific courses

Continue to review university policies with the employee and provide time to answer any questions.