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Benefits Enrollment Deadlines

The Ohio State University is proud to provide access to high-quality benefits that support your health and financial goals. The suite of benefits available to eligible Ohio State faculty and staff is a part of the total rewards of working at Ohio State. The total rewards concept includes tangible benefits, such as compensation, health coverage, retirement and education, as well as the intangible benefits, like professional growth, Buckeye pride, work-life balance and access to world-class libraries and on-campus arts and cultural events. The following information will help you better understand your benefits and the deadlines associated for enrolling in the various plans.

Deadlines From Date of Hire*

Student Exemption from Retirement
Flexible Spending Accounts
Short-Term Disability
Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance
Dependent Group Term Life Insurance
Alternative Retirement Plan
Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS)**
State Teachers Retirement System (STRS)**
Group Term Life Insurance
Long-Term Disability
Group Term Life Insurance Beneficiaries
Supplemental Retirement Account
Personal Health and Well-Being Assessment (PHA)

* All enrollment is based upon meeting eligibility criteria for each plan. Your eligibility date is the date you were hired into an eligible appointment (includes date of hire).

** If you remain in OPERS or STRS, you have 180 days from your hire date to select a plan.