First Year - Human Resources at Ohio State

New Employee Onboarding

A guide for new employees

First Year

After your first year at Ohio State, we hope you are fully onboard in your new role applying your skills and knowledge, making sound decisions, contributing to team goals, understanding how your assignments affect others in the organization, and developing effective working relationships.

As you continue to develop in your role and gain greater confidence in your position, explore taking on additional assignments and working with some level of autonomy.

  • Celebrate and recognize your contributions and your team’s successes.
  • Ask for regular informal feedback, especially during the annual review process.
  • Share your Ohio State experience with your manager, including:
    • How your expectations of your role and Ohio State align with reality
    • The extent of which your skills and knowledge are being utilized and ways to better utilize them
  • Begin discussing/planning for the year ahead.
  • Engage on cross-functional/unit task forces or institutional committees (e.g University Staff Advisory Committee, Association of Staff and Faculty Women).
  • Share feedback and suggestions on ways to improve the onboarding experience with your manager.