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Sponsored Dependents

The Ohio State University provides access to high-quality benefits for you and your dependents, including grandfathered sponsored dependents.   Learn more about dependent eligibility and the definition of a sponsored dependent.

Sponsored dependents must remain continuously enrolled in coverage. The employee will be responsible for contributions for their sponsored dependent for the entire plan year, unless the sponsored dependent provides proof of other coverage or is deceased. Sponsored dependent health plan coverage is only available to individuals who were enrolled in sponsored dependent medical coverage as of December 31, 2016. Dental and vision coverage is only available to those sponsored dependents who are already enrolled in an Ohio State medical plan.

You may be required to verify your dependents’ eligibility. Learn more about dependent eligibility verification. Failure to provide required documentation will result in coverage termination for the dependent(s) not verified.

You may designate or change your life insurance beneficiary at any time by designating a beneficiary.

Upon beginning or ending a domestic partnership, you may wish to review your retirement plan beneficiary designation. Check with your retirement system or provider regarding changes to your beneficiary.

Children of a faculty or staff member’s same-sex domestic partner are eligible for enrollment at the university’s Child Care Program.  A Certificate of Domestic Partnership is required.

Discount Programs coordinated through the Office of Human Resources apply to same-sex domestic partners of Ohio State faculty and staff.

Staff and faculty who are eligible for FML and sick leave may apply leave for situations affecting their domestic partner and dependents. Refer to Family and Medical Leave Policy 6.05 for more information.  A Certificate of Domestic Partnership is required.

You may want to review your federal and state tax withholdings and make any necessary adjustments. To make changes to your current tax withholdings, visit Employee Self Service.

Are you changing your bank account? If so, make sure to update your direct deposit information at Employee Self Service.

Should your sponsored dependent obtain other coverage or pass away, your sponsored dependent should be removed from your benefit plans. You must provide proof of other coverage or a death certificate along with a complete Health Plan Election Form within 31 days of the effective date.