Name Change

There are several things to consider if you change your name:

HR System

Changes to your legal or prefer name a can be completed in Workday by navigating to your profile, clicking the personal tab and editing the relevant fields. Please note changes to your legal name will require documentation. For a change due to marriage a copy of driver’s license with new name, social security card with new name, or marriage certificate or license is required. For changes due to divorce you can provide a copy of your divorce decree, court entry, or order of legal name change. For a legal name change please provide a court order of legal name change. No documentation is required for a change to your preferred name or if going from middle initial to middle name or vice versa.

University E-Mail

After you submit your name change to Payroll, the Office of Technology and Digital Innovation (OTDI) automatically creates your new name.# and Ohio State email address (i.e. E-mail sent to either the old or the new name.# will continue to work. Contact OTDI at for more information.


Notify your department of your name change, and ask your department’s administrative representative how your department handles changes to business cards, departmental directories and name plates.

Social Security

Upon a change to your name, complete Form SS-5 and submit evidence of your identity to the Social Security Administration. You will be issued a new card containing your new name and the same number Social Security number as your old card. See the Social Security website for more information.