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Marital Status Change

When your marital status changes, either through marriage or divorce, there are certain steps you need to take to update your health coverage, life insurance, university email name and other services and benefits.

Changes to your health coverage following a marital status change must be made within 30 days, including the day of the marriage or divorce. You may also change your medical, dental and vision plan enrollment, including enrolling in a different plan for which you are eligible. In the event of divorce, you are responsible for removing your ex-spouse from your coverage within 30 days of your divorce. Your ex-spouse may be eligible for continuation of coverage under COBRA. You can make those changes in Workday.

In any marital change, documentation will be required:

  • After enrolling a new spouse, you must verify their eligibility for coverage under the Ohio State health plans. A verification packet will be mailed to your home address. Please follow the instructions in the packet and submit the required documentation by the due date to avoid losing this coverage.
  • When removing an ex-spouse from your health plans, documentation of your divorce will be requested.

You can change the beneficiary of the Group Term Life Insurance (GTLI) policy you have purchased for yourself and your children. Additionally, you must remove your ex-spouse from any Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance (VGTLI) coverage in which your ex-spouse is enrolled. This can be updated using Workday. Select the Benefit Summary option, then select Group Term Life to edit your beneficiaries.

Following a divorce, you may want to review the amount of VGTLI you have purchased for yourself and your children. Additionally, terminate any VGTLI coverage in which your spouse is enrolled. Your spouse may be able to convert VGTLI benefits to an individual policy. Contact Minnesota Life Insurance Company within 31 days of the divorce by calling (866) 293-6047 for more information and rates.

Following a marriage, you may want to consider purchasing VGTLI for your spouse and his or her children or changing the amount of life insurance you currently purchase for yourself. You can enroll in VGTLI within 30 days, including the day of the event.

Short-term disability (STD) coverage, if elected and with an approved claim, provides income replacement before you become eligible for long-term disability. In the event of divorce, you may enroll in STD without evidence of insurability.

Following a marriage or a divorce, notify your retirement system or provider regarding changes to your retirement benefit beneficiary designation. If you would like to open or make a change a Supplemental Retirement Account (SRA), you may make an election at any time.

You may elect to participate in or change the amount you contribute to your Health Care and/or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) by enrolling or changing within 30 days of a marriage or divorce.

Eligible faculty and staff may apply for Dependent Tuition Assistance for eligible dependents by using Workday and selecting Dependent Tuition Assistance.

You may want to review your federal and state tax withholdings and make any necessary adjustments. To make changes to your current tax withholdings, visit Workday.

Are you changing your bank account? If so, make sure to update your direct deposit information at Workday.