Dependent Becomes Ineligible - Human Resources at Ohio State

Dependent Becomes Ineligible

A dependent who no longer meets the criteria for eligibility under Ohio State’s Dependent Eligibility Guidelines must be removed from coverage.

Age 26
When your dependent child reaches the age of 26, he/she is no longer eligible for coverage under most Ohio State-sponsored benefits. The university initiates the termination of coverage for a dependent turning age 26. Coverage is terminated effective the last day of the month in which the child reaches age 26.

Disabled Dependent Child
A disabled dependent child may be eligible for continued coverage after attaining age 26. See the eligibility requirements for details regarding this provision, or contact the Ohio State Health Plan Customer Service Center. (also see Application for Continued Health Plan Eligibility for Over Age Dependents)

Other Reasons for Ineligibility
When a dependent becomes ineligible for coverage for a reason other than attaining age 26, it is the employee’s responsibility to remove the ineligible dependent from coverage within 31 days of the event date. Coverage ends on the date of the event, except for attaining the age of 26, as noted above. The employee may notify the university of the termination of coverage by way of Employee Self-Service or by submitting a Health Plan Election Form. Documentation of the status change may be required.

Continuation of Coverage
A dependent whose health coverage is terminated due to loss of eligibility may be eligible for coverage continuation under COBRA.