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Nursing Mother / Lactation Rooms

Ohio State is building a family friendly work environment on its quest to become an employer of choice. University leaders understand that work life initiatives are a fundamental strategy to improve faculty and staff satisfaction, commitment, performance and retention.

President’s Cabinet approved a proposal in March 2006 to include lactation rooms in all newly designed and constructed buildings on campus and supported the “zone approach” to increase the current number of lactation rooms. A zone approach involves identifying locations across campus where new lactation rooms will be created.

Lactation spaces around campus:

  • Aligns with the work life philosophy to support faculty, staff, and students as they pursue greater integration of work and personal life.
  • Supports the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendation that mothers nurse for 12 months to maximize the benefits of breastfeeding.  As an employer with a world class medical center, it is important that we promote health practices in the best interest of the child and mother.
  • Resolves issues created by current open space work environments that are not conducive to the privacy required for breastfeeding.
  • Decreases absenteeism rates; working mothers with healthier babies as a result of breastfeeding will be more productive.
  • Increases employee commitment to and engagement with the university.

Section 7 of the FLSA requires employers to provide reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for one year after the child’s birth each time such employee has need to express the milk. Employers are also required to provide a place, other than a bathroom, that is shielded from view and free from intrusion from coworkers and the public, which may be used by an employee to express breast milk. The break time requirement became effective when the Affordable Care Act was signed into law on March 23, 2010. The United States Department of Labor, Wage and Hour created frequently asked questions to provided guidance on breaks for nursing mothers. More resources and guidance for nursing mothers can be found by visiting the DOL website.

Lactation Spaces

Locations of lactation rooms available at The Ohio State University can be found below.

If there is a need to create a space for lactation, please contact the building coordinator associated with the building and/or work with university facilities regarding space and facility needs for setting up a new lactation space. Wexner Medical Center Departments should visit OneSource for requests.

If you have questions regarding the guidance set forth, or you want to report and new or updated lactation space location, please submit that information to and Employee and Labor Relations will ensure to update the website.

This list of lactation spaces is not an exhaustive list. Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact their department/unit HR representative to identify a space that best suits the needs of the employee and business operation (see Lactation Space Considerations below).

Agricultural Administration Building
2120 Fyffe Rd., Room 310T lounge area doubles as a lactation room
No key or reservations required; first-come, first-served
No contact person

Airport Drive Center
2740 Airport Dr., Room 238
Reserve room through OCIO calendar

Arps Hall
1945 North High St., Room 006
Contact: (614) 292-6991 (Building Coordinator is in Room 127, whoever is there will help)

Athletic Facilities
No facilities available; however, accommodations are made for anyone that asks

Baker Hall
113 West 12th Ave., Room 088T
Key can be obtained from front desk in Room 098; first-come, first-served
Contact: Amanda Rodenborg, (614) 292-3307

Biological Science Building #276
484 West 12th Ave., Room 264A
Contact: Carol M. Barnes, Safety & Facilities Coordinator, (614) 292-5517

Biomedical Research Tower
460 West 12th Ave., Room 149
can assign temporary access for non-building occupants
Contact: Blake Harrison, (614) 946-0265

Blackwell Inn
No designated facilities – see front desk staff for assistance
For scheduled events and the need for room is prearranged, the Catering Manager for event will assist

Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS)
1305 Kinnear Rd.
Reservation: first come, first served
Amenities: private room with sink and chair
See front desk for key
(614) 643-3110

Cunz Hall
1841 Neil Ave., Room 124
No key given, first-come, first-served
Contact: Renee Watts, Facilities Manager, (614) 247-8612

Denney Hall
164 West 17th Ave., Room 145A
Contact: Kerry Moore, (614) 293-8910

Drake Union
No facilities available

Drinko Hall
55 West 12th Ave., Room 155
Contact: Gale Azcarraga-Carter, (614) 292-5690

Dulles Hall
230 West 17th Ave., Room 205

Enarson Classroom Building
2009 Millikin Rd., Room 334
No reservation required; first-come, first-served
Facilities Design & Construction reception desk on 4th floor for code
Contact: Cindy Barron, (614) 292-4458

Fawcett Center
E130A and E130B
Available on first come, first served basis
Inquire at the Reception Desk or contact the Sales Office at (614) 292-1342 option 1.

Fry Hall
338 10th Ave., Room 439
No key needed – door locks from inside; first-come, first-served
Contact: Kim Oyer, (614) 247-8802

Gateway C
1590 North High St., Room 451
Reservations needed
Visit the Steiner Management Office located in the Gateway courtyard (1552 N. High St.) to check out a key. Steiner office hours are Mon-Fri, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Contact: Shannon Maher

Hitchcock Hall
2070 Neil Ave., Rooms 445A and 445B
Rooms are locked.
Contact: Laura Cotton, (614) 292-8608, or Angela Young, (614) 292-2436

Howlett Hall
2nd floor restroom (271)
Furnished and partitions for privacy; first[come, first-served.

Koffolt Laboratories
151 West Woodruff Ave., Room 015
Contact: Pete Znidarsic, (614) 292-2728

Lincoln Tower
1800 Cannon Dr
Lincoln Tower lactation spaces

Longaberger Alumni House
2200 Olentangy River Rd., Room 121C
Reservation: first-come, first-served
Amenities: private room with small desk and office chair – please note there is no sink or refrigeration
Contact: Front receptionist desk (614) 292-2200 and/or Jacky Bennett (614) 292-3067
CampusParc paid parking lot

Mason Hall
250 West Woodruff Ave., Room 406 (for College of Business use only)
Contact: Steve Moore, (614) 688-5587

Newton Hall
1585 Neil Ave., Room 110
Reservation required
Contact: Jay Johnson, (614) 292-8900

Ohio Stadium
For game day locations, visit the Ohio Stadium Game Day Information website and look for “Nursing Mothers” within the Ohio Stadium A-Z Guide section.

Ohio Union
1739 North High St., 2nd floor close to women’s restroom
No key needed; first-come, first-served

Page Hall
1810 College Rd., Room 250G
Room is locked. Contact the Admissions & Scheduling Coordinator for access code.
Contact: Steve Fink, (614) 292-4486

Parker Food Science Building
2015 Fyffe Rd.
No facilities available

Physical Activity and Educational Services Building
305 Annie and John Glenn Ave.
Room is unlocked. Please lock upon entry, and unlock when leaving.
Contact: Emily Martini, (614)-292-2255

Physics Research Building
Contact: Shelley Palmer or Kris Dunlap to reserve a room

Postle Hall
305 West 12th Ave.
Room 0397A (requires key from Office of Student Affairs Room 0118)
Room 2082D (requires employee swipe access)
Contact: Lauryn Betterton, (614) 292-7809

Pressey Hall
1070 Carmack Rd., Room 089
Contact: Angela Thomas, (614) 366-0242

Recreational and Physical Activity Center (RPAC)
337 West 17th Ave., Room Varies
Reservation is Required
Contact: Lacie Noland to reserve a room

Research Foundation Building
1960 Kenny Rd., Room 120A
Contact: Ginette Busque, (614) 292-0956

Stillman Hall
1947 College Rd., Room 319
Contact: Deb Merritt

Stores and Receiving Building
2650 Kenny Rd., Room 110
Contact: Peggy Rader maintains key & log, (614) 292-8702

Student Academic Services
281 West Lane Ave., Room 273
Mothers get access to the calendar from IT and schedule themselves, other mothers just check room to see if it’s open
No contact person

Thompson Library
1858 Neil Ave., Room 409
Room is locked. For key, go to Circulation Desk
Contact: Sandra Howe-Forney.1, (614) 292-6775

Veterinary Medicine Academic Building
1900 Coffey Rd.,
Room 014 (Room is locked; For key, go to reception desk in Room 125 /127)
Room A014 (Limited to employees, residents, interns and students of the Vet Med Center and College of Vet Medicine)
Contact: Kristi Pyke, (614) 292-3638

Wexner Center for the Arts/Mershon Auditorium
No facilities available

Wilce Student Health Center
1875 Millikin Rd., Room 043T
First-come, first-served
Key needed – ask Information Desk Staff to page leadership to get master key
Contact: Lindsay Heil, (614) 247-8055

600 Ackerman Complex
600 Ackerman Rd., Rooms E1086, E1088 and E2094
Doors lock from the inside, so no keys needed to get into the rooms; first come/first served rooms.
(scheduling is now available via Outlook calendar)
Contact: Facilities Services, (614) 293-8645

660 Ackerman Complex
660 Ackerman Rd., 3rd and 5th floors, near the stairwell/restroom area (north side of building)
Doors lock from the inside, so no keys needed to get into the rooms; first come/first served rooms.
(scheduling is now available via Outlook calendar)
Contact: Facilities Services, (614) 293-8645

Brain and Spine Hospital
300 W. 10th Ave., Room 847
(swipe access required; request through eServices- Access Control / Lock Shop)
Room includes a breast pump and fridge

Comprehensive Breast Center
1145 Olentangy River Rd. (swipe access, but if anyone asks at the front desk they can use it)
Contact: Lisa Porter, (614) 293-5354

Doan Hall
410 West 10th Ave., Room W174 (for visitors & staff)
410 West 10th Ave., Room 715A
Contact: Lactation Nurse Consultants, (614) 293-8910

Dodd Hall
410 West 10th Ave., Room 1180B (for building occupants only)
Contact: Melanie Swan, (614) 293-8618

East Hospital
181 Taylor Ave.
Contact information: Staff: Administration, (614) 257-3100. Visitors: Patient Experience, (614) 257-2310. Patients: Ask your patient care staff for assistance.

Eye and Ear Institute
915 Olentangy River Rd., Room 2138
Contact: Thomas Baldauf, (614) 366-9545

Harding Hospital
1670 Upham Dr., Room 555
Contact: Pam Swartz, (614) 293-9489

James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute
460 West 10th Ave.
Rooms A1016, A1127, A1216, B107, B107J, C105, and C1048
Contact: Lactation Nurse Consultants, (614) 293-8910

Jameson Crane Sports Medicine Institute
2835 Fred Taylor Drive, Room 1204 (for staff and visitors)
Contact: Garth Dahdah, (614) 293-2439

McCampbell Hall
1581 Dodd Dr., Room 497
Contact: Courtney Tedesco, (614) 293-5940

Meiling Hall
370 West 9th Ave., Room 003
Request card access through or

Outpatient Care East
543 Taylor Ave., Room 2127 (room is locked)
For key, go to front desk
Contact:, (614) 688-6331

Outpatient Care Morehouse Medical Tower
2050 Kenny Rd., Room 501T
Manual sign up at the door
Contact: LaNice Berry, (614) 366-2465

Outpatient Care Morehouse Pavilion
2050 Kenny Rd, Room 1094B
Shared calendar sign up – Badge access needed
Contact: ReNea Owens, (614) 293-6821

Outpatient Care New Albany
6100 N. Hamilton Road (3 rooms)
Please reserve on Outlook by searching:
OCNA Mother’s/Lactation Room 1043 First Floor (across from the BistrOH!)
OCNA Mother’s/Lactation Room 1503 First Floor (across from Outpatient Rehab waiting area)
OCNA Mother’s/Lactation Room 4107 Fourth Floor (off of the Pulmonary Function Testing Waiting Area)
Contact: Jessica Pfister, (614) 814-8068

Outpatient Care Upper Arlington
1800 Zollinger Rd., Room 4011 (for staff and visitors)
Contact: John Ridgway, (614) 293-0243

Ross Heart Hospital
452 West 10th Ave., Room H1056T (for building occupants only)
Contact: Breastfeeding helpline, (614) 293-8910 to validate ID

Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center
1145 Olentangy River Road, Room 2055 (locked but front desk can provide access)
Contact: Mike Swicegood, (614) 688-7287 or Lisa Porter, 614-293-5354

Lima Campus

Galvin Hall
Room 127
Contact: Mandi Garver, (567) 242-7276

Marion Campus

Maynard Hall
1461 Mount Vernon Ave., Room 225M
temporarily as of Feb. 7, 2017
schedule room by contacting Barbara Kaelber, (740) 725-6223 or Emily Creasap, (740) 725-6340

Newark Campus

Hopewell Hall
Room 132
contact the Newark Facilities Office staff for access and/or reservation
Michael Leedale, (740) 366-9363, Tim McVay, (740) 364-9572; Jeremy Pursley, (740) 364-9616

Wooster Campus

Fisher Auditorium
1625 Wilson Rd., Room 120
For key, go to the HR Office in the Research Services Building or call (330) 263-3719
Contact: Dawnielle Essig, (330) 263-3943
Campus Staff Council also has a portable modesty screen available if preferred.

Skou Hall
1328 Dover Rd., Room 125A
Contact: Gloria Wirt, (330) 287-1330

Wooster Science Building (WSB)
321A WSB.
The room has 4 lockable lockers, sink, paper towels, soap dispenser, refrigerator designated for only mother’s use, small table, chair, ottoman, and a privacy sign. The door is lockable.
Contact: Scott Wolfe, (330) 202-3532

Setting up a new lactation space? Here are some considerations in setting up a permanent space or temporary space.

Room Recommendations

  • Have a door which can be locked from the inside.
  • If room contains windows, provide blinds, shades or other accommodations to prohibit views into the room.
  • Provide accessible electrical outlets.
  • Room should meet acceptable environmental requirements (heating, cooling, lighting, etc.) equivalent to what is provided in other occupied areas of the building.
  • Size of the room should accommodate at least a comfortable (washable) chair and a table or shelf.
  • Access to a clean sink.  If a sink is not provided in the room, a clean sink should be available nearby.

Optional Room Features (discuss with building coordinator and/or facilities)

  • Sink
  • Additional electrical outlets and space to accommodate the following owner-provided equipment:
    • Small refrigerator
    • Microwave for sterilizing equipment
    • Telephone and data jacks.

Other Considerations

  • Offer paper towels and sanitizing wipes.
  • Arrange for the room to be placed on the building’s regular cleaning schedule.
  • Identify the room with a lactation space sign.
  • Post a room usage schedule, or create a Google or Outlook calendar so those who use the room can view and edit the schedule.
  • Provide a “privacy please” sign.