Service Certifications - Human Resources at Ohio State

Service Certifications

Prior service credit certifications are completed by The Office of Human Resources. These requests are made when an individual:

  • Needs proof of prior service to transfer sick or vacation leave,
  • Wishes to substantiate prior unreported earnings for state retirement system purposes,
  • Needs to verify employment for an employee whose information is not available via The Work Number.

When changing employment from one state political subdivision to another, you may wish to certify your prior state service credits.  This information is often needed in order to transfer sick leave balance or to increase vacation accrual rate with the new state political subdivision employer.

To request service credit certification from Ohio State, please submit your new employer’s request form to the Office of Human Resources or complete the university’s Request for Prior Service Certification from The Ohio State University. Please allow six weeks for processing.

If you are a current Ohio State employee who was previously employed by another political subdivision of Ohio and would like to transfer your prior state service credits to the university, please contact your HRP for information on the process.

You can request certification for service due to employment that was not previously reported to the state retirement system; interrupted military time; a leave of absence; or certain federal, out-of-state or municipal service. Use the forms listed below to request the service certification:

  • For service that was not previously reported to OPERS, submit the appropriate OPERS form (scroll down to Service Credit category) to the Office of Human Resources via mail or fax.
  • For service that was not previously reported to STRS, submit the appropriate STRS form to the Office of Human Resources via mail or fax.
  • For STRS non paid professional leave, complete the STRS Nonpaid Professional Leave Form.
  • For verification of employment for an out of state retirement plan, complete the out-of-state plan’s request form and fax or mail to OHR. If the out-of-state plan does not have a specific form please complete the Ohio State   Request for Prior Service Credit Certification

For any other verification of prior Ohio State employment, complete this Request for Prior Service Credit Certification. Specify the reason for the certification request, and indicate how we should return the completed certification to you. Please allow four weeks for processing.

This form should not be used to request employment and salary verifications or for social services; those services are provided by The Work Number for Everyone®.