Child Care Program

Child Care Program

Family Involvement

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Whether you are new to the Child Care Program or have been enrolled for awhile, we welcome you to spend time with us. Visiting will help both you and your child feel comfortable and connected.

  • Visit for a short time or a day. If you would like to come for lunch, just let us know that morning and mothers are always welcome to nurse their babies in infant classrooms.
  • Share with your child's classroom. Examples of things you might share are a special family game, what you do at work, or playing a musical instrument. The teaching staff can guide you in choosing ideas that are developmentally appropriate for your child's age group.
  • Be a helper for part of a day - in your child's classroom or another. An extra pair of hands can allow staff to plan something special. It's also a good way of discovering what it's like at the Program when it's not arrival or departure time. (It's very different!)

Plan to come as many times and stay as long as you and your child need to stay. Families are welcome in the Program at ANY TIME. As the parent or guardian of your child, you have complete access to any area of the Ackerman Road facility, and all child care areas of the Buckeye Village facility. Non-custodial parents have the same rights of access to the Program unless limited by a visitation or custody decree.