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Enrollment and Tuition

Thank you for your interest in The Ohio State University Child Care Program for your family’s early education and child care needs. Our program was founded on the belief that high-quality child care and early education benefits the university community’s youngest children and their families. If you are ready to join our program, here are the next steps to take toward enrollment.

Program Details

If you are considering enrolling your child, we suggest you complete and return a Child Care Program Wait List Application as soon as possible. Please note these requirements:

  • Affiliation with Ohio State is not required for the waitlist, but it is required for enrollment.
  • A child birthdate or due date is required.
  • Waitlist families receive a verification email once their application is processed, within two to three weeks. Applications are ordered according to the date received.
  • Families are required to renew their Child Care Program waitlist application annually.
  • The program’s first commitment is to the families who are currently being served. After a family is enrolled, siblings have priority for available enrollments.

Waitlist Time
Many variables affect waitlist time including age of the child, enrollment option preferred and the time of year the application was received. Waitlist time varies. Some families may wait months and other families may wait well over a year. Applications are ordered according to date received, however, other factors affect enrollment offers.

Due to COVID-19, we are not offering tours at this time.

Monthly program tours are offered to help families be prepared to make an enrollment decision. Registration is required; call (614) 292-4453.

Weekly child care tuition is calculated on a sliding scale based on both parent/guardians’ gross income and the number of days of care enrolled. Tuition is charged based on the age group in which the child is enrolled, not the age of the child. If multiple children are enrolled, the oldest child is placed one income category below the family category for tuition determination.

Full tuition is charged weekly regardless of attendance and of the number of days per week the program is open. Holidays follow official university schedule and tuition is charged for these days. View the Child Care Program Tuition Schedule.

Evening Child Care

  • Additional Hours: $10 per hour per child-for currently enrolled families only; care must be requested in advance.

Other Charges

  • Registration Fee: $50 non-refundable family fee and $250 non-refundable advance payment upon enrollment or re-enrollment; Kindergarten and Summer School Agers have a non-refundable fee annually.
  • Late Pick-Up: Charges may be applied in certain circumstances.

Families who meet established income guidelines may be eligible for enrollment in Publicly Funded Child Care through their county department of Job and Family Services and receive assistance with their child care tuition. Eligibility in this program is based on income. Parent/guardian(s) must be attending school and/or be employed; only employed graduate students are eligible for this program. For more information see Helping Families Afford Child Care on the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services website.

Ackerman Rd - Infant room Ackerman Rd - Toddler room Ackerman Rd - Preschool room
Ackerman Rd – Infant room Ackerman Rd – Toddler room Ackerman Rd – Preschool room
Ackerman Rd - Kindergarten room Buckeye Village - Infant room Buckeye Village - Toddler room
Ackerman Rd – Kindergarten room Buckeye Village – Infant room Buckeye Village – Toddler room
Buckeye Village - Preschool room
Buckeye Village – Preschool room