Career Roadmap Position Mapping

Position mapping was the opportunity for managers and staff, unit HR partners and senior leaders to review and confirm where current roles fit in Career Roadmap. Approximately 26,000 in-scope staff were mapped to the career framework.

This process incorporated active dialogue between stakeholders and HR Compensation. The extended time frame, which started July 2019, engaged as many stakeholders as possible in order to ensure fairness and consistency in the process and build confidence in the outcome.

The “Mapping and Me” interactive tool below allows you to see your role in position mapping based on the criteria you select.

Primary Tools

Ohio State Job Catalog and Job Code Table

The online job catalog includes function and subfunction descriptions, career bands and career levels for 3,800 Career Roadmap in-scope jobs. You can use the catalog to search for specific job profiles of interest. Narrow your search using dropdown options or search via keyword.

Career Level and Band Guides

The Career Level and Band Guide provides the framework for consistent business discussions in determining career band and level for jobs across the institution. They also support talent discussions between managers and employees.

Job Titles with Assigned Pay Ranges

Each position in the job catalog has a pay range that is benchmarked to ensure that Ohio State’s pay is competitive. Sometimes pay is adjusted based on where the job is located. This knowledge article (Ohio State name.# access required) explains pay ranges and geographic differences with links to two excel files, one with regular Career Roadmap pay ranges and one with geographic differences.

Position Mapping Tool

The Position Mapping Web Tool is a web-based application for reviewing how current positions are mapped to the new framework. Access to the tool rotates as each stakeholder group has the opportunity to review. This web tool is a data-collection mechanism and not part of the main HR employee data system. The content of the tool will continue to be updated as each stakeholder group reviews.

Supervisor Support

Info Sheet for Supervisors

This info sheet provides details that supervisors can use when answering questions from their direct reports about mapping positions to the new framework.

Position Assessment Form

The optional Career Roadmap Position Assessment form is used to gather and document information to evaluate positions in a consistent and objective manner. A completed form will aid in mapping validation and facilitate conversations between managers and their direct reports.