Career Framework

The career framework is a central component of Ohio State’s Career Roadmap. It progresses in a hierarchy, from functions to more detailed job levels including titles and career paths. Staff are able to advance within the career framework based on their skills, experience, performance and the business need.

The career framework will support:

  • Consistency in how jobs and career levels are described across the university and medical center
  • Alignment of jobs to market salary structures
  • Visible career paths
  • Pay equity

Below is an overview of the career framework followed by a sample job. Job function is a broad category of work with similar characteristics or pre-requisite skills, such as Marketing and Communications, Information Technology, etc. Subfunction is a unique occupation within a function. For example, within Information Technology, Application Development would be a subfunction. A career band groups a series of like jobs under a subfunction within the career framework in order to recognize the technical, clinical, specialized, managerial and executive career bands. A career level represents a significant step in a career progression. Each level is described in terms of profile, knowledge, complexity, autonomy, interaction and minimum requirements for education and experience.

Career Framework

Job Functions and Subfunctions

The Career Roadmap online job catalog includes function and subfunction descriptions, career bands and career levels for 3,800 Career Roadmap in-scope jobs. You can use the catalog to search for specific job profiles of interest. Narrow your search using dropdown options or search via keyword.