About Career Roadmap - Human Resources at Ohio State

About Career Roadmap

Ohio State’s Career Roadmap will be a new approach for hiring, managing and developing staff when introduced in summer 2021. The scope of Career Roadmap focuses on staff positions across the medical center, main campus and regional campuses. It does not cover physicians, faculty, executives, athletic coaches, student employees or bargaining units.

Most large employers have a career framework and compensation structure. Today’s workforce expects this level of clarity and transparency. In 2008 and 2011 Ohio State culture surveys, more than 70% of staff responded that Ohio State does not have clear career paths and opportunities for promotion. Ohio State’s job classifications – a way to accurately define and evaluate the duties, responsibilities and authority level of jobs – lack uniform standards. This leads to inconsistent pay practices and the inconsistent use of job titles, contributing to unclear career paths for current staff and potential applicants.

Essentially, Career Roadmap is a recruitment and retention initiative to attract and keep talent at Ohio State.

Two important aspects to Career Roadmap will be a career framework and comprehensive job catalog. The career framework will establish transparent career paths and pay ranges to help staff chart a career path within the university and medical center. The job catalog will compile all staff positions into one comprehensive resource. The pay ranges in the catalog will be reviewed annually and updated as appropriate, assisting colleges and units with strategic resource planning.

The career framework and job catalog will have important benefits across the university. Standardized pay ranges and consistent job functions will foster equity from one unit to another and help streamline review processes with simpler self-service for HR professionals. For recruitment and retention, Career Roadmap will inspire talent and help staff visualize a future at Ohio State.

The core team will collaborate with counterparts in the Enterprise Project, especially as we approach launch date for both.

Team Members

The project’s executive sponsor is Susan Basso, senior vice president of talent, culture and human resources. The steering committee is comprised of leaders from across the university representing key stakeholders, listed alphabetically:

Career Roadmap Executive Sponsor and Steering Committee
Name Title College/Unit
Trevor Brown Dean John Glenn College of Public Affairs
Kris Devine Vice President for Operations and Deputy Chief Financial Officer Office of Business and Finance
Pam Doseck Senior Director of Health Benefits and Wellness Office of Human Resources
Mary Ellis Director of Compensation Office of Human Resources and Wexner Medical Center
Tom Gessells Chair of University Staff Advisory Committee (USAC)
Andrea Gintert Senior Director Human Resources Office of Student Life
Jill Hannah Director, Human Resources Wexner Medical Center
Brad Harris Chief of Staff Office of Research
Lawrence Inks Clinical Associate Professor, Management and Human Resources Fisher College of Business
Mary Menkedick-Ionno Associate General Counsel Office of Legal Affairs
Alison Mincey Senior Associate Vice President, Human Resources Wexner Medical Center
Rob Prisbrey Compensation Projects Senior Director Office of Human Resources
Patrick Robertson Associate Executive Director of Finance Wexner Medical Center
Kim Shumate Associate Vice President of Strategic Initiatives Office of Human Resources
Career Roadmap Core Team
Name Title College/Unit
Rob Prisbrey Compensation Projects Senior Director Office of Human Resources
Mary Ellis Director of Compensation Office of Human Resources and Wexner Medical Center
Lisa Kennedy Project Manager Office of Human Resources
Laura Keves Compensation Consultant Wexner Medical Center
Christine O’Malley Senior Communications Consultant Office of Human Resources
Kalkidan Tefera Compensation Consultant Office of Human Resources
Lori Wegener Associate Director of Compensation Wexner Medical Center

The following Ohio State employees across campus and the Wexner Medical Center have volunteered to lead job catalog development work.

Contributed Resources
Name Title College/Unit
Kate Blevins Information Technology/Human Resouces/Business Operations Manager Information Technology Admin Manager Wexner Medical Center
Cody Burke Recruiter Office of Human Resources
Melanie Dheel Chief Administrative Officer College of Social Work
Heather Eurez Human Resources Generalist College of Engineering
Anne Helms Human Resources Generalist Office of Chief Information Officer
Erica Jonak Senior Human Resources Generalist University Libraries
Jennifer McLendon Human Resources Manager College of Engineering
Diane Pocius Human Resources Specialist Office of Academic Affairs
Brooke Tobe Senior Human Resources Associate College of Nursing
Judy Varhola Director, Strategic Initiatives Advancement
William Watercutter Human Resources Manager, Employee Relations Fisher College of Business
Megan Woodall Human Resources Generalist College of Arts and Sciences


Career Roadmap Journey Outline

For HR Partners, managers and employees

October 2019 – February 2019
  • Employees learn about project launch on new website
  • HR teams consider ways to be involved
March 2019 – July 2019
  • Employees can submit questions to HR Compensation via website
  • HR partners complete initial review of job functions and sub-functions
August 2019 – December 2019
  • Supervisors map positions to new job catalog
  • HR Partners review mapped positions with unit leaders
January 2020 – May 2020
  • Approximately 200 leaders across the institution conduct alignment to ensure consistency between functions for like jobs
  • Pause for COVID-19 crisis
June 2020 – October 2020
  • HR Partners prepare for unit mapping review using new salary ranges
  • Supervisors and HR Partners refine mapping using new salary ranges
November 2020 February 2021
  • Pause for Workday
  • HR Partners and managers prepare teams for employee review of mapping status
March 2021 – June 2021
  • Employees review results and recommend refinements, as needed
  • Results go live in Workday