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Bucks for Charity

How to Give


E-Pledge is the Bucks for Charity campaign’s online pledging system that will allow faculty and staff an electronic way to donate to the campaign via payroll deduction. Cash and check donations require use of the paper pledge form only (see below).

You may access E-Pledge from any computer, on or off-campus. Your department, college or unit will receive credit for your pledge for reporting purposes. If you have trouble accessing the E-Pledge site, contact your lead coordinator or Diana Lantz in Human Resources at (614) 292-9924.

  1. Click PLEDGE NOW to access the sign-on page
  2. Use your NAME.#@OSU.EDU email address and password to access.
  3. Click PLEDGE NOW to begin the process
  4. Follow the commands as instructed, clicking NEXT to proceed:
    • To see previous year’s donations, click the “Giving History” tab on the Welcome page. Click the looking glass graphic in the right column under Recent Transactions to reveal designation details.
    • Decide your pledge amount
      • When certain conditions are met, you may replicate your previous year’s pledges. This will eliminate the need to retype information.
      • Agencies will be searchable using area of focus within the Bucks for Charity E-Pledge site. See Frequently Asked Questions for legend.
      • OPTION: you may choose to designate a one-time gift through payroll deduction. The donation will come out of the February 12, 2021 pay (bi-weekly paid employees) or February 28, 2021 (monthly paid employees).
    • Choose up to five agencies to designate donations (see participating charities or write in a non-listed option on the OTHER AGENCY DESIGNATION spaces)
    • Complete your email, acknowledgement address and notification preferences
    • Review the information, then CONFIRM your pledge!
  5. Save the confirmation email for your records.

Paper Pledge Form

A paper pledge form can be used for annual payroll deduction or can be used for one-time cash or check donations. Remember, to donate by cash or check, you must use the paper pledge form. A paper pledge form can be obtained by contacting your group’s Bucks for Charity coordinator.

  1. Clearly print your name and employee ID number in the designated spaces, using a black or blue ballpoint pen. (Please do not use felt-tip markers, as the information may not scan accurately.)
  2. Be sure to indicate (by checking the appropriate space) if you are paid 12 times (monthly) or 26 times (biweekly) per year.
  3. Designate your gift by completing the boxed charity code sections. Using the federation and agency descriptions within this guide as a reference, write in the five-digit codes and the name of the organizations you wish to support. If you would like the federation of your choice to allocate your gift where the need is greatest among its agencies and causes, select the code representing that overall federation. The federations, their codes, and descriptions appear at the top of each section of this resource guide. You may select up to five federations and/or agencies.
  4. To make a gift to qualified, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) health and human services agencies in central Ohio that are not listed in the resource guide, write in the name, address, phone number, and tax identification number of the agency in the box marked “OTHER AGENCY DESIGNATION” and enter pledge amount in the appropriate boxes at #5. Note: Agencies must meet eligibility requirements of the Campaign Coordinating Agency before designations can be processed. OHR will inform you in the event of an agency’s ineligibility.
  5. Next to each five-digit charity code, indicate how much you wish to donate to each charity annually. (Payroll deduction requires a minimum gift of $1 per pay period per charity.) If you wish to give a one-time gift of cash or a check, indicate the amount, complete the charity designation in the same manner, and submit the contribution with the pledge form. One-time gifts require a minimum of $5 per charity.
  6. Check the appropriate box if your gift qualifies for leadership recognition or other preferences.
  7. Be sure to sign and date your pledge form. Your signature authorizes your payroll deduction. Return the white and blue copies of your form to your departmental coordinator.
  8. Keep the pink copy for your files.