Ohio State Travel Assistance

Staying healthy while traveling and getting care when far from home are a part of the total rewards of working at Ohio State. Any individual enrolled in one of the university-sponsored medical plans automatically has access to Ohio State Travel Assistance services as described below.

NOTE: For faculty and staff traveling internationally without students the Office of Enterprise Risk Management has purchased a separate business travel international medical insurance policy. See more information on this policy.

Services 100 miles or more from home

Services are provided by Redpoint. Redpoint is a Travel Assistance Company and cannot advise on your health benefits or if facilities are in or out-of-network.

24-hour Access to Medical Professionals

When you contact Redpoint, you will receive direct and immediate access to medical and security experts. Operating with medical advisory support from world-class physicians, Redpoint delivers services and features from basic to unique emergency travel services.

Additional Services Include (but are not limited to):

  • Medical professional locator
  • Telephonic interpretation services
  • Medical evacuation
  • Coordinate but not pay for pre-hospital transportation to the nearest appropriate medical center
  • Medically necessary repatriation
  • Mortal remains repatriation
  • Assistance recovering lost or stolen luggage, medications, eyeglasses, wallets or other important documents
  • ID theft assistance while traveling
  • Dental, legal and bail bond referrals
  • Emergency message relay and counseling
  • Online pre-trip resources; security and crime alerts, political instability alerts, passport and visa information

What to take with you when traveling

  • Medical/prescription identification card, so that a doctor or hospital can verify your medical coverage. Note: Medical care providers are not required to accept your insurance coverage and generally do not outside the United States.
  • Extra eyewear, if you wear corrective lenses, take two sets of glasses or contacts with you if possible.
  • Prescription medication, if you are taking prescription drugs, be sure to have enough to last for the entire trip. If you are enrolled in Ohio State faculty and staff medical/prescription drug coverage and need an authorization to obtain an extra refill before traveling, contact OSU Health Plan at (614) 292-4700 or 800-678-6269.

Be aware of your responsibilities

  • You are responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance in accordance with your medical plan provisions.
  • If you are required to pay for services, request an itemized bill or receipt that describes the services provided.
  • If an out-of-network provider does not submit your claim to Luminare Health directly, you must submit the itemized bill and/or completed Luminare Health Insurance Claim Form to Luminare Health yourself. The address for claims submission is on your medical ID card. Forms may also be obtained by calling Luminare Health or by calling HR Connection at (614) 247-myHR (6947).


For a complete list of all available Redpoint services and resources visit LifeBenefits.com/travelThis is intended to be an overview. Refer to the Plan Document for complete information. In the event the information on these pages differs from the Plan Document, the Plan Document will govern.