Short-Term Disability

Ohio State strives to offer benefits that enhance financial security for you and your family. Short-term disability (STD) coverage, if elected and with an approved claim, provides income replacement after 30 calendar days and up to 90 calendar days, after which you may be eligible for long-term disability benefits.

Ohio State partners with Unum, a leading insurance provider, to offer STD to eligible employees. Contact Unum at (866) 245-3013 one month in advance to start your claim application if you are expecting to be off work for more than 30 calendar days.

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Short-Term Disability Premiums

Premiums are based on your annual salary. Use the tool below to calculate your premium before making your election.

Short-Term Disability Benefit Details

If you have elected short-term disability (STD) coverage, your approved, weekly, non-taxable STD benefit is 60% of your gross monthly salary, up to a $5,000 maximum.

You may use vacation time while receiving STD benefits to supplement your income. However, you cannot supplement your STD benefits with sick time or paid parental time. Using sick time or paid parental time while receiving STD payments will result in a reduction of your STD payment. Any other disability payments for which you may be eligible—such as Workers’ Compensation—will also offset your STD payments.

Birth mothers who are eligible for STD benefits and paid parental time should coordinate these benefits appropriately. In general, paid parental time is used during the 30 calendar day elimination period and immediately following the end of the approved disability benefit.

You must coordinate any paid time off you wish to use during your leave of absence and disability benefit period with your department/manager to avoid pay errors.

For additional details please see the Disability Program Specific Plan Details.

This is intended to be an overview. Refer to the Plan Document for complete information. In the event the information on these pages differs from the Plan Document, the Plan Document will govern.