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Health Plan Enrollment

Ohio State is committed to being a healthy workplace for all faculty and staff. Helping you to be your healthiest is good for everyone: you, your family, your colleagues, and the university.

There are certain opportunities to participate in Ohio State’s health plans. The following information relates to enrollment in the university’s medical, dental and vision plans.

Enrollment can occur:

  • Within 31 days of employment in an eligible appointment
  • Within 31 days of a qualifying status change
  • During an annual Open Enrollment period
  • Special eligibility rules apply for select plans

For additional details, see the Benefits Overview Book.

You can determine dependent eligibility via the Dependent Eligibility Requirements page.

For medical, dental and vision benefits, choose one of four coverage levels:

  • Employee only
  • Employee + children
  • Employee + spouse or same-sex domestic partner
  • Family (employee + spouse or same-sex domestic partner + one or more dependents)

Your benefits will be effective on the date of your eligible appointment or on the date of a qualifying status change, if you enroll within 31 days of the event. Annual Open Enrollment elections are effective January 1 of the new plan year.

If you or a dependent experience a qualifying status change, you have 31 days to make a change to your benefits coverage. If you miss this deadline, your next opportunity to change your benefits coverage will be during the next annual Open Enrollment period.

eBenefits in Employee Self Service can be used to change benefits elections due to certain status changes, including marriage, divorce, addition or termination of a same-sex domestic partner relationship, birth, adoption/legal guardianship or gain or loss of other coverage. Forms will still be required for enrollment changes due to all other life events.

Under IRS rules, you are prohibited from dropping, adding or changing health plan coverage levels during the plan year unless a qualifying status change occurs. There are two types of qualifying status changes:

  • Family status changes
  • Employment status changes

Visit Life Events for a complete list of qualifying status changes and information on how to make changes to your benefits.