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Flexible Spending Accounts

Ohio State is proud to provide access to high-quality benefits that can help support your health and financial goals as part of the total rewards available to faculty and staff.  Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are available to set aside pre-tax dollars to be reimbursed for eligible health or dependent care expenses.

When enrolling, you determine how much money you want to contribute to each account for the plan year and the funds are then withheld from your pay and reduce your taxable income. As you incur eligible expenses and submit claims, you will be reimbursed from your account(s).

You do not have to enroll in an Ohio State medical plan to participate in an FSA through Ohio State.  However, you should be aware of IRS rules for FSA plans, including:

  • You may not use funds from one FSA account to pay for expenses that apply to the other FSA account; and
  • Any unused funds remaining in your account after the close of the reimbursement period for that plan year must be forfeited.
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FSA Details

(subject to eligibility to participate in the FSA Program)

Plan Year: Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2017
Pre-tax payroll contributions made during the plan year.

Incurred Expense/Reimbursement  Window: Jan. 1, 2017 – Mar. 15, 2018
Incur eligible expenses to be reimbursed from the funds in your FSA(s). This date window includes the grace period.

Reimbursement Filing Deadline: Mar. 31, 2018
All requests for reimbursement must be received by TASC no later than March 31, 2018 or you will forfeit the unclaimed balance in your FSA(s).

You have multiple options for filing a claim:

  • Online: File a claim online via Employee Self Service (ESS) or OneSource and click “My FSA/HRA” then “File a Claim” and follow prompts for claim info; scan and upload appropriate receipts.
  • Health Care Debit Card: Swipe the Health Care Debit Card at the point of service.
  • Paper Form: Fill out a Reimbursement Claim Form and fax or mail it to TASC with copies of the appropriate receipts.
  • Mobile: File a claim using the “Benefits by eflex” mobile app; use your phone to take a photo of the appropriate receipts.

With several options for reimbursement, it’s easy to access the funds in your FSA.

Direct Deposit
With direct deposit, reimbursement of any claims you file is quick and easy. Once a claim is approved, your reimbursement will be deposited into your bank account in less than 72 hours (pending availability of funds for dependent care claims). Online account management also gives you the flexibility to direct reimbursements to one or more accounts. Setting up direct deposit is easy:

  • Log on to Employee Self Service or OneSource and click “My FSA/HRA under Benefits.
  • Click “Tools & Support
  • Click “Change Payment Method” and follow prompts to set up direct deposit.

If you have not set up direct deposit, a check for approved claims that you file will be mailed to your home address (pending availability of funds for dependent care claims).

Health Care Debit Card
If you have a Health Care FSA, you can use your Health Care Debit Card to pay for eligible expenses and funds will automatically be deducted from your FSA without having to file a claim. In most cases, paying with your Health Care Debit Card is all you need to do, but you may later be asked for receipts to substantiate the expense, so be sure to save them.

Flexible Spending Accounts FAQ

Participation is voluntary and employees must enroll during open enrollment, within 31 days of employment in an eligible appointment, or within 31 days of a qualified status change, as described in “Limitations on Changes to an FSA” in the FSA Specific Plan Details

To obtain an additional Health Care Debit Card log on to Employee Self Service or OneSource and click “My FSA/HRA” under Benefits. Click “Tools & Support” and complete the Debit Card Request Form.