Employee Assistance Program - Human Resources at Ohio State

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

To support employees and their families on a wide range of challenges, responsibilities and concerns, Ohio State offers resources and benefits to help enhance the overall well-being of you and your family.

The Ohio State Employee Assistance Program (EAP), in partnership with IMPACT Solutions, an AllOne Health company, has a member portal, online tools, well-being resources and work-life services that are available to eligible Ohio State employees, their dependents, household members, parents, and parents-in-law.

The Ohio State EAP offers many everyday resources to help make your life a little easier and less overwhelming. Individuals have access to up to five free counseling services, resource locators to help find child or adult care, tools to improve your financial wellness, legal services, travel and entertainment planning assistance, support to find cleaning services, on-demand professional development courses, and much more.

The EAP tools and resources are available 24/7 through the personal EAP portal at osu.mylifeexpert.com. The portal can be used to request any of the services offered by completing the online request form for work-life services. You can also request any of the below services by calling 800-678-6265.

Online Portal

Create your private and confidential account by visiting osu.mylifeexpert.com. The Ohio State EAP portal provides you with access to current health and well-being related articles, videos, calculators, and webinars that focus on:

  • Family – parenting tips, developmental stages, childcare, well-being, aging, grief and loss and family assistance
  • Health – healthy living, mindfulness, nutrition, caregiving, COVID-19 and addiction
  • Financial – financial wellness, identity theft, legal, debt, taxes, mortgages and loans
  • Career – career goals, networking, work-life, workplace, management and skill builders
  • Living – consumer safety, green living, travel, pets, Internet safety, disaster, pets and going green
  • College – college planning, financial aid, scholarships, student loans and student well-being

To create your account:

  1. Visit osu.mylifeexpert.com
  2. Create a new account by clicking on the “sign up” button on the upper right side of the screen
  3. Enter company code: buckeyes 
  4. Enter your preferred email address
  5. Select a username that you will remember and complete submission
  6. Check your email to complete registration. (The confirmation email will come from info@mylifeexpert.com and will include an access code to confirm your account)
  7. Follow the directions in the email, to verify your access code with your account and select a secure password
  8. Now, you can login with your username and password

If you have issues creating an account, contact call 800.678.6265 or email eap@osumc.edu.

Resources and Benefits

If you would like to talk through a particular situation or request assistance with an issue you are facing, you have access to a nation-wide network of counseling professionals.

With the Ohio State EAP, you or your family members are eligible for up to five confidential counseling sessions, per issue, per year, at no cost to you. You can schedule an appointment for in-person, video, or phone- based counseling. You can choose counselors located on the Ohio State Columbus campus, in the community, or through a network of counselors with our partner, IMPACT Solutions. If more than the initial five EAP counseling sessions are needed, you may work with your health insurance provider to confirm what long term coverage benefits are offered.

You can request or begin your counseling services through one of the following ways:

You can also request virtual therapy. In addition to the network of community and campus-based counselors, you now have access to 24,000+ licensed, professional therapists that you can connect with online to get advice, guidance, and counseling for depression, anxiety, relationships, self-esteem, stress, grief, eating disorders, and more. Access your private chat room on any device with internet connection at any time. Easily schedule your live sessions to a day and time that works around your busy schedule. To get started:

  1. Login or register in the EAP portal mylifeexpert.com (enter the company code, “buckeyesto register)
  2. Complete the online request form for counseling
  3. Select “video” as the modality and in your comments, request “BetterHelp access”
  4. ImpactSolutions will then email you instructions to help you register and access the BetterHelp (or ReGain for couples counseling) platform.

Though the EAP, you have access to Financial Assistance consultation and online resources. Financial Assistance can help you with:

  • Learning how to budget
  • Home buying
  • Debt management
  • Planning for college and retirement
  • Support with Identity Theft prevention and recovery
  • Financial consultation

Visit osu.mylifeexpert.com to explore more online financial resources available. You have access to articles, surveys, videos, calculators and soft skills courses to walk you through the many areas of finance that may be important to you or your family.

To request access to a financial consultation

Starting in 2022, access to Life Coaching services are available. Life Coaching is a skills-based service to help you fill a gap between where you are now – personally or professionally – and where you want to be. It can help you discover purpose, improve life skills and assist with goal setting.

Life Coaching provides a fresh perspective on life’s challenges and helps you recognize your strengths. A Life Coach can help you clarify goals and identify solutions to obstacles. With their support and guidance, you can more easily attain your personal and professional goals.

Life Coaching can help you:

  • Balance the demands of work and home life
  • Improve communication skills
  • Identify and reach personal or professional goals
  • Improve time management and productivity
  • Identify obstacles and reduce stress

You have access to five free sessions per year.  To request life coaching:

Legal Assistance provides referrals to an attorney for a free, 30-minute consultation. If you decide to proceed with the services of the attorney, you will receive a discount on their standard rates.

Legal Assistance resources are available to help you with areas such as:

  • Developing a will
  • Estate planning
  • Assisting with questions about a divorce
  • Custody concerns
  • Bankruptcy

Through your EAP portal, you also have access to online legal resources such as:

  • Articles on elder law, family law, property and wills
  • Videos
  • Downloadable forms for contracts and worksheets

Visit osu.mylifeexpert.com to explore more on legal services available to you and your family.

To request access to an attorney consultation:

The EAP offers medical advocacy support, a resource available to help patients and caregivers navigate their way through the challenges of health care. Whether you need help with care transition for yourself or a family member, preparing for an upcoming medical appointment or help in caring for an older family member, the EAP Medical Advocate can help manage the details for you, so you can continue to work and support your family.

Medical Advocacy can assist with locating:

  • Elder care options
  • Medical appointment preparation
  • Care transition
  • Health care transportation
  • Discharge planning

To request this service, and begin working with a Medical Advocate,

The EAP Personal Assistance resources and services can help you accomplish your everyday activities and save you time. Personal Assistant provides:

  • Travel planning assistance
  • Help with household errands
  • Home food delivery
  • Professional services
  • Entertainment planning
  • Cleaning services

To request this service, and begin working with a personal assistance professional,

The EAP can also assist you with locating services or referrals to make your life easier and save you time. You can request assistance with locating or finding:

  • Childcare
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Adoption
  • Educational opportunities
  • Pet care

To request this service, and begin working with a work-life professional,