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Dental Plan

All of the benefits available to you reflect Ohio State’s commitment to providing high-quality, affordable plans and represent a significant component of your total rewards for working at Ohio State.

The Dental Plan provides coverage for many dental services that you and your eligible dependents may need. The plan offers you a choice of network or out-of-network coverage.

Delta Dental of Ohio provides national network coverage through two networks: Delta Dental PPO and Delta Premier. You receive greater benefit coverage when you use a provider who participates in the Delta Dental PPO network.

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Dental Plan Information

If you use a network provider:

  • Tell the provider’s office that you are covered by Delta Dental when making an appointment, or at the time of service.
  • No claim forms are necessary for network dental services. Your dental provider should file claims directly with Delta Dental, although you may be required to pay for your portion of the expenses at the time of service.

If you use a non-network provider

  • The plan pays less for covered services than it does when you use a network provider.
  • Your provider may require you to pay for services in full and be reimbursed from Delta Dental by filing a claim.

Many Ohio State-based dental services are included in Delta Dental’s networks.

  • The Ohio State University Student Dental Clinic is in the Delta Dental PPO network.
  • Some, but not all, of the providers within the Ohio State Dental Faculty Practice are in the Delta Dental PPO or Delta Premier network.

Upon your request, Delta Dental will determine benefit coverage prior to you receiving dental service(s) if the course of treatment is expected to be $200 or more. You or your dentist can send a written description of the procedures and the dentist’s proposed charges to Delta Dental before treatment begins.

Dental Plan FAQ

Delta Dental of Ohio is The Ohio State University’s dental provider. Delta Dental provides in-network coverage through Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier. The OSU Student Dental Clinic is in the Delta Dental PPO network. You can find an in-network dentist online through the Delta Dental website.

Previously, your Social Security number was the only means to identify you as a Delta Dental enrollee. Delta Dental’s systems allows an alternate means of identification. The OSU Employee ID is to be utilized for this purpose since it is a number with which you should already be familiar.

Delta Dental’s system requires a 9-digit alternative identification number for eligibility and claims processing; therefore, if you have a:

  • 8-digit OSU Employee ID – your Delta Dental ID is your Employee ID with a leading zero added to it.
  • 9-digit OSU Employee ID – your Delta Dental ID is your Employee ID with no changes.

Dental cards are not required for services. If you wish to attain a dental card for services, you can print one through the Consumer Toolkit.

Each enrolled member and their dependents may have two regular cleanings and exams in the plan year. Two additional cleanings will be covered when medically necessary. (Two additional cleanings per benefit year are considered medically necessary for individuals with at-risk conditions such as documented periodontal disease, diabetes, kidney failure, organ or bone marrow transplant recipient, and for individuals receiving dialysis, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, or are HIV positive.)

Coverage is dependent on the provider’s network affiliation and the dental service received. Please refer to the Dental Plan Summary Chart and the Dental Plan Summary Plan Description for details.