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Prescription Drug Program

…listed as preferred or non-preferred), you will be responsible for paying the full cost of any medication. To locate a network pharmacy, use the Locate a Retail Pharmacy tool offered…

Discount Programs

…restaurants. OSU employees receive a 25% discount off the $59.95 membership fee. To purchase online, visit, click the Columbus and Central Ohio tab, then BUY, then 2016 New Member/Special…


…assist. Where can I find more information about E-Verify? Visit for more information about E-Verify. Does the Prescription Drug Plan have an annual out-of-pocket maximum? The Prescription Drug Plan,…

Open Enrollment – Prescription Drug Coverage

…equivalent, are higher cost or are newly released to the market. When a new drug comes onto the market, the Express Scripts Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee evaluates the drug’s safety…

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

…will change from being exempt to non-exempt and will become eligible for overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours in a week. (This does not mean overtime is…

Background Check Services

…as early as 1-3 business days, but in some cases will take up to 30-60 days to receive results. The Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation does not expedite…

Dental Plan

…than what is customarily provided or for which Delta Dental does not determine that a valid dental need is shown), you are responsible for the costs over the allowed amount,…

Vision Plan

…services than it does when you use a network provider. Your provider may require you to pay for services in full and be reimbursed from VSP by filing a claim….

Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week

…voucher, drink wristband and late access to the Bay. Purchase tickets Username: osuohrtalent Password: hoover This event is not exclusive to Ohio State employees. This offer can be purchased online

University Community

…staffing, programming, etc, it is likely that you meet this prong. Does it include minors? Are parents and guardians not expected to be responsible for the care, custody or control…



Return to campus guidance

HR guidance about planning for the return of employees to campus was shared with faculty, staff and graduate student employees across the university to establish work expectations as we reactivate our campuses. Safe and Healthy Buckeyes also provides guidance on protocols and preparation.

New Time and Attendance Standards

Human Resources has outlined time and attendance guidance for university employees. The guidance provides expectations for documenting: time worked, meal periods, paid breaks, start times and tardiness, unplanned absences, approving time worked and accountability.

Career Roadmap resuming development with 2022 launch timeline

Following the pause for Workday implementation, Career Roadmap is resuming activity with a new launch date in early 2022. When launched, Ohio State’s Career Roadmap will be a new approach for hiring, compensating and developing staff.

What you need to know about fraudulent unemployment claims

In the past year, the number of fraudulent unemployment claims filed in the United States has dramatically increased. This is not an issue that is unique to the state of Ohio. However, Ohio State employees need to be aware of the threat and know how to access the resources available.

Revised Paid Leave Policy expands parental time off eligibility, including other changes

A revised Human Resources Paid Leave Policy, 6.27, will go into effect January 3, 2021, and expand parental leave eligibility, amongst other revisions. The policy will also be renamed “Paid Time Off.”