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As part of implementing a modern job classification system to Ohio State, titles will change for most staff. The new titles will seek to provide internal consistency and external relevance to the job market. When necessary, working titles will remain an option to describe work more accurately, facilitate external relations or reflect industry norms.

Child Care Program Calendar

The Ohio State University Child Care Program provides quality developmentally appropriate early education for the children of university students, faculty and staff. The calendar includes dates when the facilities will be closed throughout the year.

Position Mapping

Position mapping was the opportunity for managers and staff, unit HR partners and senior leaders to review and confirm where current roles fit in Career Roadmap. Approximately 26,000 in-scope staff were mapped to the career framework.

First Year

A guide for new employees: Tips for the first year.

First 6 Months

A guide for new employees: Tips for the first six months.

First 3 Months

A guide for new employees: Tips for the first three months.

First Month

A guide for new employees: Tips for the first month.

First Week

A guide for new employees: Tips for the first week.

Before You Start

A guide for new employees: Tips for before you start.

FLSA Payroll Checklist

Payroll checklists for changes as they relate to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

HR Focus News

Grow your skills, pursue new interests with LinkedIn Learning

With thousands of opportunities available through LinkedIn Learning, faculty, staff and students are expanding their knowledge, delving into a hobby or earning a certification.

Recruitment Updates to Enhance Manager and Candidate Experiences

As we continually work to improve the experience for hiring teams and job applicants, the latest Workday changes are designed to optimize our processes and elevate the services provided by the Human Resources talent acquisition team. These changes improve how we screen applicants and welcome new employees.

Staff Professional Development Funds

At Ohio State, you can combine opportunities and resources to create professional development that works for you. Staff Professional Development Funds provide a way to identify development opportunities, request funding and expand your skills. If you are interested in pursuing professional development over the next year, apply for funds by May 31, 2024.

Job Posting Process and Review Changes Integrated with Workday

Using feedback from people leaders, finance representatives and HR professionals, HR has improved and streamlined the job posting process. This reflects the continuous effort to provide support for the job posting and recruitment process in Workday.

New Benefits and Pay Dashboard in Workday

A new benefits and pay dashboard in Workday now makes it easier to access your most important benefits and pay information in one place. The new dashboard, called the Benefits and Pay Hub, combines the previous Pay and Benefits apps with more comprehensive details about your compensation history, recent paychecks, health benefits, and more.

Recent HR News

Bright Horizon Benefits Support Family and Personal Wellbeing

When caring for your family – including kids, parents or furry family members – you don’t have to do it alone. As schedules change for the summer months , explore the benefits available through Ohio State’s partnership with Bright Horizons.

Outstanding Buckeyes Recognized for Impactful Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

Five exceptional Buckeyes are living the university’s Shared Values of Diversity and Innovation, and Inclusion and Equity – earning them the annual recognition of a Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Award.

Ohio State Voted ColumBEST Top Employer

For the 11th consecutive year , The Ohio State University was named the (614) Magazine ColumBEST Top Employer.

Ohio State Listening Survey

Ohio State is launching a listening survey to collect feedback from faculty and staff starting Wednesday, May 1, and open until Friday, May 17.

Nepotism Policy revision

The Nepotism Policy, 1.25 has been revised as of April 29, 2024, to further emphasize that employees are selected for positions based on job-related qualifications and not relationship by family or marriage. The updated policy clarifies that no employee can use their position to influence – either directly or indirectly – the hiring process for a family member.