Work Life

Work Life

Flexible Work

The university recognizes the growing demands on faculty and staff and the increasing challenge of finding new and better ways to serve customers and meet university goals. Workplace flexibility provides a way to successfully manage people, time, space, and workload. The university supports flexible work arrangements to achieve a highly productive work environment that enables faculty and staff to balance work and personal needs, while providing workforce predictability and stability.

Flexible Work Tools
When considering asking or approving a flexible work arrangement there are many things to take into consideration. Here are some tools to help evaluate which kind of flexible work arrangement is best suited for you and the business unit or college as these types of schedules MUST work for both the requestor and Ohio State University.

Flexible Work Success Stories

We want to showcase best practices uses  of flexible work among OSU colleges and departments. If you or someone in your college or department has a success story around flexible work please send an email to share!

Please include:

  • Your role in the flexible work request ( i.e. manager, staff, SHRP etc.)
  • Challenges you faced
  • Impact to the department/unit
  • How the arrangement has been documented/reviewed
  • How/Why the arrangement is successful