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Tenure clock extension policies

Faculty Rules now (1) provide for the automatic extension of the tenure clock following the birth of a child or the adoption of a child under six years of age, and (2) expand the two-year cap on the probationary period to three years. Contact:

Academic Leadership Development

The Offices of Academic Affairs and Human Resources collaborate on orientation and ongoing development opportunities for academic leaders including deans, associate and assistant deans, department chairs and school/center directors. Academic Leader Development consists of a series of seminars over the course of a year that address such issues as leader roles and responsibilities, promotion and tenure, faculty review and development, evaluating instruction, legal issues, managing staff and financial stewardship. The seminars, scheduled at the end of summer and prior to the beginning of autumn quarter, are designed primarily for new academic leaders; however, all academic leaders are encouraged to attend all sessions as new material is provided every year. For more information please visit

Faculty Career Enhancement

The report of the Faculty Career Enhancement Committee, commissioned in 2004, reviews what the University currently does to enhance the careers of its faculty and propose ways it might do that better. The report details the committee's varied recommendations for such improvement, presented in their relationship to 10 core principles that the committee thinks are fundamental to any discussion of faculty career enhancement. To link to this report please visit

Faculty Rule 3335-6-03 Stopping the Tenure Clock

Probationary tenure track faculty whose appointment is less than full-time but not less than 50% may request an extension of the probationary period in accordance with Faculty Rule 3335-6-03 (Section F).

Dual Career Hiring Policy

The successful recruitment of well-qualified faculty often requires that the university must accommodate a dual career couple. In these instances, the Office of Academic Affairs expects deans and department chairs to cooperate willingly, constructively and in good faith with the hiring unit for the target candidate to accommodate the other half of the academic couple. More information about the Office of Academic Affairs policy on dual career hiring is available at

Faculty Handbook: Part-time Tenure Track

If a part-time appointment was not included in the terms of hire as stated in the letter of offer, regular tenure track faculty who desire a reduced appointment (less than full-time but not less than 50%*), whether temporary or permanent, must consult with the TIU head. For more information about Part-time Tenure Track please visit, page 50.

University Center for the Advancement of Teaching

UCAT can help you:

  1. TALK about your teaching with one of our professional consultants.
  2. PARTICIPATE in our workshops, seminars, grant programs, and learning communities.
  3. READ about teaching and learning from the scholars in our online teaching resource area and library.

For more information on development opportunities please click here.