Definition of Terms

Issued is the first release date of the policy.

Revised is the date of substantive content changes approved by a review and signature process.

Edited is the date of style, format or grammar changes and/or correction of error.

Reviewed is the date that the policy was last updated to confirm that content was reviewed and found to be current.

University policies and how they are established are available at the university policy website.

The following policies and procedures provide the operating principles for Human Resources at The Ohio State University and supersede any prior policies. Each policy has a "Resources" section that provides contact information; related policies, forms, and publications; and other relevant information. HR documents should be maintained according to the HR Records Retention Schedule. Contact the Office of Human Resources with questions about policy content or how a policy applies to your specific department.

The Office of Human Resources Employee and Labor Relations and/or Wexner Medical Center Employee Relations (OHR/WMC) is ultimately responsible for investigating all complaints of discrimination/harassment, except when the accused is a student and not a student employee. Read more about the OHR/WMC investigation guidelines here.

7.05 - Workplace Violence [ 7.05 Resources (PDF) ] Revised 09/2015

7.20 - Tobacco Free Ohio State Effective 1/2014 [ 7.20 Resources ]

7.25 HIV/AIDS has been combined with Policy 1.10 Effective 02/2012

7.30 - Drug-Free Workplace Edited 09/2013 [ 7.30 Resources ]

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10.10 - Student Employment Revised 09/2015 [ 10.10 Resources ]

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