Organizational Leadership Effectiveness

Organizational Leadership Effectiveness

The mission of Organizational Leadership Effectiveness (OLE) is to increase the effectiveness of leaders to drive organizational performance. The unique contribution of this small consulting group lies in its ability to strengthen leaders to produce high impact, sustainable results in alignment with the university’s mission.

Members of OLE provide direct services and leverage their resource partners to offer:

  • Consulting: With expertise in leadership and organizational effectiveness, OLE consultants work with leaders to maximize personal engagement and strengthen effectiveness. Contact Cindy Silver,, 247-4631, for a conversation related to consulting needs.
  • Coaching: Coaches partner with leaders to facilitate positive change by improving thinking, often generating greater self-awareness, higher productivity, and professional growth. Transition coaching and onboarding is available for newly employed senior leaders at Ohio State. Contact Cindy Silver,, 247-463, for more information about utilizing leadership coaching.

Manager and Staff Development

The people who work at Ohio State are the most important resource for sustaining outstanding contributions and achieving the mission of our university. Our goal is for all staff members to make the maximum contribution to their departments, and develop their talents, acquire and use new skills, and achieve greater career effectiveness and satisfaction. Staff development is a joint, on-going effort on the part of the employee and the organization.

  • Development Training and development resources and opportunities are available to gain knowledge, skills and best practices. On demand tip sheets, videos and other resources are available for you to customize your learning and support your individual training and development and answer immediate questions that come up in the course of contributing to organizational performance.